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All Greece from Athens (3 days)

All Greece from Athens (3 days), Athens
All Greece from Athens (3 days), Athens
Athens - Ancient Corinth- Loutraki - Kalavrita - Patra- Ancient Mystras- Athens

This tour will give you a possibility to get acquainted with rich historical heritage of Greece. You will see the most important sights of the country, enjoy its beautiful nature, explore the rich culinary traditions and just have a wonderful time!

Theme: Excursional
Resort: Athens
Season: All year round
Applications: 1/10/2014
Check in: 1/10/2014
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Obligations: no

1st Day. Arrival and accommodation

Arrival, meeting at the airport. Accommodation in the hotel in Athens. Free time.

Your journey to the most amazing and interesting sights of Greece will begin from the international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” in Athens. The representatives of Beleon Tours will meet you in the airport, will accompany you during the whole tour in Greece and will do everything possible to make your vacation as comfortable and interesting as possible. After the meeting in the airport you will be accommodated in the hotel in Athens and will be able to have some rest.

2nd Day. City Tour in Athens

Breakfast in a hotel. Excursion in Athens. Coming back to the hotel in Athens. Free time.

You will visit all the main historical, cultural and religious sights of the capital of Greece. During the tour you will visit the Acropolis and the ancient temples, will have a walk in Areopagus, where in ancient times the fates of peoples were decided, will see the originals of the ancient art in the New Museum of Acropolis. Our guides will also introduce you to the Orthodox heritage of the city and will take you to one of the most important Christian churches of the city. After the first part of the excursion you will have a brief break for lunch. After it our guides will organize a bus tour, during which you will have a stop at the marble stadium Kalimarmaro, a stop outside the Greek parliament where you will enjoy the changing of the guard. After this busy day you will return to the hotel.

Tour objects:

The name of the 1st modern Olympic stadium “Kallimarmaro” means “beautiful marble”. It was built from the well-known white marble from Mount Penteli. Later the Romans held there gladiator combats. But in the end the Olympic spirit conquered the place again when the Olympic Games were revived.
Marathon of the Olympics 2004 finished here.

Athens is the birthplace of democracy and the cradle of Western civilization, the famous ancient city, where life began more than 5 thousand years ago. It has been famous since the days of classical period as a center of philosophy, literature and arts. This city has an amazing destiny: simultaneously it is one of the oldest and one of the youngest European capitals. There are many numerous monuments from Antiquity, from the Middle Ages and neoclassicism. Acropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   

Acropolis erected in the 5th century BC is the main attraction of Greece. It is located on a cliff overlooking the center of Athens and is considered to be a unique temple complex of Classical Greece and includes the legendary temples of the Parthenon and the Erechtheion. Acropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The changing of the guard by the famous Evzones by the Greek Parliament takes place every hour of the day and night. Evzones are the soldiers wearing traditional attire of the fighters for Independence of the beginning of the 19th century. 

New museum of Acropolis is relatively new. It was opened in 2009 but is considered one of the best archeological museums in Europe. Here one can see the original sculptures that once decorated the Acropolis hill. New museum of Acropolis has been relatively new. It was opened in 2009 but is considered one of the best archeological museums in Europe. Here one can see the original sculptures that once decorated the Acropolis hill. The museum’s collection consists not only of the numerous statues and sculptures of the Parthenon, but also includes the world famous Caryatids.

Ancient Agora was the center of political and public life in Athens. It was the cradle of the democracy. There are the Altar of Twelve Gods, Temple of Hephaestus of the 5th century BC which is perfectly preserved and the museum of Ancient Agora.

Hill of the Areopagus is not far from the Acropolis. It is the place where in ancient times the Athenian Assembly Areopagus met. According to mythology, this is the place where the trial of Ares, god of war, took place. Areopagus ancient Gr. Ἄρειος Πάγος meaning “Rock of Ares”. It is also said that the Apostle Paul delivered his famous speech from here.

This is a unique and sacred place for Orthodox Christians, one of the most important Athenian monasteries. It is here where the Holy Fire is brought from Jerusalem during Easter and kept all year long. It also here where the fragment of the Cross and Earth from Calvary are placed.

3rd Day. Excursion in Argolida.

Breakfast in a hotel. Transfer to Epidaurus. Tranfer ty Mycenae and excursion there. Transfer to Nafplio and excursion. Transfer to Athens. Departure.

In the morning we will leave Athens and will be headed towards the Peloponnese. During the tour you will see the Carinth Canal, will visit the attractions of Epidaurus, Mycenae and will visit the first capital of Greece, Nafplio. If you prefer to finish your vacation the representatives of Beleon tours will take care about your transfer to the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. You will take lots of impressions and fond memories of your vacations in Greece. We wish you a pleasant flight and hope to meet you in Greece soon.

Tour objects:

Asclepius is a god of medicine. People deified this skilled healer and erected lots of sanctuaries in his honor. The most well-known of it is the sanctuary of Epidaurus, where his cult was especially popular. People flocked here for healing from all over Greece. The complex of buildings which was dedicated to Asclepius was located in a pine grove because it was believed that due to its salubrious air and overall beauty of the landscape the pine grove had healing qualities. The ensemble included Doric temple of Asclepius decorated with marble sculptures, a round building Tolos with a colonnade, a portico and several public buildings. 

Mycenae is the ancient town of Greece, a citadel of Agamemnon, which was the center of a great civilization. Mycenae with its wide streets was sung by Homer in his epics. It was the most powerful town of Mycenaean Greece and included the royal palace, homes for royal subjects, cemeteries, the castle, which stood on the hill. Mycenae was surrounded by thick walls and controlled a vast area of Peloponnese. The royal palace was built on the top of the hill and ruled over lower buildings that surrounded it.

Nafplio is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. It was the first capital of independent Greece. Built in the Italian style, Nafplio has its unique Greek flavor traceable through the narrow streets of Venetian houses of the old town, the ancient theater…Everything radiates calmness, tranquility and grandeur of the passed times.
The city is famous for its archeological museums and three fortresses: Acronafplia standing on a long peninsula, the fort Bourtzi resembling a precious stone, Palamidi fortress nestling on a crest of the high hill. Bourtzi is the biggest fortress in the Peloponnese. Nafplio leaves a lasting impression on everyone who has ever visited it.

Theatre in Epidaurus is one of the world’s most famous ancient operating theaters. The theater was built in the 4th century BC and was designed for 14 thousand spectators. Time, of course left its traces in the long course of history. But despite all that Epidaurus retained  its main distinguishing feature inherited by its architect Polykleitos the Younger which is its unique acoustics. 

The Lion Gate is a unique architectural monument, the oldest example of monumental sculpture in Europe. It is constructed of four monolithic blocks and decorated with a relief depicting two lions that are turned to each other. This composition is said to be the emblem of the royal family of Mycenae.

The National Archeological Museum houses fascinating items discovered during excavations on the territory of the Acropolis and its neighbourhood starting from the 19th century until modern days. The museum opened its doors in 2003 presenting 2 500 pieces of art of the Mycenaean period and achievements of the one of the first greatest Greek civilizations with its center in Argolis.

The Archeological Museum of Epidaurus is located right next to the famous ancient theatre. It has a big collection of surgical instruments found during excavations of the Sanctuary of Asklepios. It also displays votives, such as inscriptions and sculptures of the cured parts of the body. There is also a great number of sculptures in the museum among which the Corinthian capital has a distinguished place. It was create by a well-known ancient Greek sculpture Polykleitos.

Tour price includes
Escort services
Excursional expences
Additional charges
Museum tickets
Viza 65.00
Insurance 1.00
During the excursions you will have free time for lunch
If desired, you can extend your stay in Greece. We are ready to calculate the cost of your accommodation in any hotel and provide all other related services like transfer, guide services, additional excursions etc)
The cost is in euros for every means of transport
Means of transport Capacity Price
Mercedes E-class 2 pax 2573
Mercedes Viano/Vito 6 pax 2848
Mercedes Sprinter 15 pax 3215


We offer you a choice of accommodation in the following hotels for the program (on request any other accommodation is possible). The cost of accommodation is per room per night.


Athens 1-2 nights

Royal Olympic Hotel 5* 01.10.14-31.10.14 01.11.14-30.11.14 01.12.14-31.12.14 01.01.15-31.03.15
DBL 150 117 110 98
SNGL 150 117 110 98


Philippos Hotel 3* 01.10.14-31.10.14 01.11.14-31.03.15
DBL 106 69
SNGL 83 58


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