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Mission and philosophy

For our clients

The company Beleon Tours always strives to provide high quality services that meet all requirements of its partners and clients, and satisfy all the needs and wishes which may seem insignificant at first glance. Our motto is "All best for your relaxation on vacation”, and the team of Beleon Tours makes it possible. Trust us and you will forget about the tedious preparation for your holiday. Our experts will think over all the details, take into consideration all your wishes, and will do everything to make your "Greek Holiday" unforgettable. We strive to work in the way that every tourist will have unforgettable impressions from the visit to Greece in their memories, in the heart - the desire to return to our country again, and in their soul - the enthusiasm from all that has been seen. Another motto is "On vacation – only relaxation." Having such feelings and emotions our guests return home planning their new visit to Greece in their minds and our company.

For our partners

If you are looking for reliable business partners in Greece, ready to represent your interests in this country with full responsibility and to do everything to achieve success in business for both sides, choose Beleon Tours. Reliability, guaranteed quality, and the speed are the features that for many years distinguish and will distinguish the company Beleon Tour from many others. We are always committed and never give a reason for our partners to doubt our professionalism. Our main goal is a mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, based on three principles: professionalism, high level of service and love for our work. The slogan of the company “Your reliable partner in Greece "has long been known to our business partners. And every day we are trying to confirm it with successful and good work based on openness and transparency, good will and good faith in the performance of our obligations to the partners.

For anyone who loves Greece. The friendly team of Beleon Tours can "infect" you with love for Greece. "To fall in love with Greece at first sight for all your life!" is the ambitious task set by the company. We will do everything for you to have only pleasant memories from your Greek vacations and have a desire to return to the country of ancient and modern Hellenes again and again.

Company philosophy

The company's philosophy for clients and partners

Guaranteed quality.
Company Beleon Tours is a stable and dynamic company which has established itself on the travel market. We assure that you will get really great service. We constantly improve the quality of services provided by making surveys, which are thoroughly analyzed and processed, by direct contact with tourists, by the analysis of the tourism market, and by many other activities. We care for each customer and we treat each of them exclusively as a VIP.
Proffesionalism. The best proof of this is a lot of positive reviews. Our professional motto is only reliable information. Therefore, all the reviews of Beleon Tours are real.

Modern technology. We closely follow all the latest technological developments in the travel industry and constantly improve our technologies and search for new ways to improve the automation of internal processes.

Hospitality. The true Greek hospitality and friendliness have been laid in the basis of our work, the same principles that once were bequeathed to his people by the farther of the Olympian gods Zeus. Perhaps, hospitality in the first place is what attracts tourists from around the world in this sunny country. We take care about dear guests, whose opinions and desires are of primary priority for us. We care about them, trying to make their vacation perfect.