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You can trust us

Why can you trust?

  • Beleon Tours is one of the most trusted brands in Greece, one of the most popular and recognizable "players" of the tourism market. The company proved itself trustworthy because of the lack of debts and credits.
  • Here you will find one of the biggest varieties of exclusive hotels throughout Greece.
  • We organize training courses and seminars on professional development for our employees every year with the help of the best travel industry experts.
  • All of our guides are trained on the spot, they necessarily have to pass exams to confirm their qualification.
  • We constantly survey our clients. More than 3000 questionnaires are processed every day, and then we identify possible weaknesses in our operations. The tourist’s reviews help us continuously improve the quality of our services.
  • Our quality control services aimed at improving the level of services facilitates dialogue between partners and makes the service really impeccable.
  • Our 24-hour Hotline in all regions of the country makes it possible for tourists to contact us and to report any problem or difficult situation.
  • Our vehicles are 100% insured in all respects and equipped with a system of monitoring and control GPS.
  • The regional office of the transport department is open from 07:00 to 24:00. This ensures that all changes relating to the arrival and departure of tourists are received and processed in time.
  • Our tourists are always provided with care and attention. There are 1 or two or even 3 operator representatives in all the key hotels on a daily basis which enables high-quality and timely responses to all sort of questions and requests of our guests. Every tourist is surrounded by attention, smiles and good mood.

Membership in organizations

Company Beleon Tours is permanent member of the largest organizations

Greece National Tourism Organization (GNTO)
Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE)
Association of Travel Agencies of Macedonia and Thrace (ATAMT)
Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies (HATTA)
Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers (HAPCO)