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The island of your dreams, where Cycladic architectural esthetics meets Dodecanese culture. Human presence adds to the natural magnetism and harmony of the place, thus accomplishing the bright and full of colours picture.
Athens means a landmark not only in the European history but also in the world culture. Athens means a city of philosophers and commanders, sculptors and architects. It is a modern city, multi-facial and quaint. Athens is a capital of Greece!
Ancient Kerkyra today is mostly known as Corfu. The island still keeps its charms and every year it attracts loads of visitors. Lush landscapes “intrude” into the local architectural eclecticism making up a unique and magnificent picture.
It is hardly possible to meet someone who would have never heard about Crete today. This island with its long history and culture is the home of Europe’s earliest civilization. But, for sure, that is not the only thing that attracts loads of visitors here. Dazzling Sun, fascinating sea, stories that once seemed only a fairytale and here acquire features of a real story, incredible hospitality of the hosts are the least that one can find on this unique, picturesque and at the same time mysterious Crete!
Halki was declared a “Center of peace and friendship” in 1983. Emerald sea, mountainous inland and picturesque sand beaches with green trees will leave unforgettable memories.
It is a widely acknowledged fact that Halkidiki (Chalkidiki) is one of the most beautiful corners of the world with cleanest beaches that each season attracts loads of tourists and backpackers.
Kalambaka is another spectacular Greek town rich in history. For the first time it was mentioned in the works of the ancient historians in the year 167 BC. But it is known to the world, first of all, by its “suspended in the air” Meteora monasteries
Once being in the heart of sponge industry and known for its fearless divers today Kalymnos not only hosts international rock climbing festivals but also becomes a very popular destination among climbers and divers. Kalymnos gives you an excellent opportunity to mix physical activity with pleasure. It is worth mentioning that the island hosted the International Diving Festival in July 2006, and in October 2006 – the International Climbing Festival. One of the last climbing events was held here in May 2009.
The land of winds with magnificent nature and traditions that have survived through centuries. Don’t miss this opportunity to travel back in time and feel the unique atmosphere of this magic place that with every year attracts more and more travelers.
Kastoria was and still is one of the most stunning and captivating places of mainland Greece. People come here not only to enjoy the natural beauty of the place, learn its history and marvel its sights of attraction but also for lovely and exquisite furs which Kastoria has been always famous for.


Kos is very often referred to as "The Island of Hippocrates," or "the Garden of the Aegean Sea". Only after visiting it you can understand why.
Rhodes is one of the largest islands of the Dodecanese group of islands- fourth largest island in the Aegean Sea and in whole Greece.
Words like “magical”, “fairytale”, “charming” are not enough to express the island’s beauty and uniqueness. This fairytale begins as soon as you approach to it. Colourful rocks in different colours, perfectness and harmony create a dazzling picture. You willingly fall under its spell. Summer time on Santorini is known for its cosmopolitical atmosphere: people come here from all over the world.Always crowded countless bars of Thira, Perissa, Kamari and other villages are famous for their elegance and taste. Come and enjoy this rare opportunity of watching a breathtaking landscape of caldera and listening to the classical music at the same time.
Thessaloniki is often referred to as the “northern capital of Greece”. And perhaps it is not a coincidence. It is not only the second largest and significant city in Greece, but also an important cultural and political centre of the country with its own charm and attractiveness.
Here is another bright star in a constellation of Greek islands. There is something in the magical atmosphere of Zante filled with barely perceptible scent of flowers that makes it so different. Impressed by the magnificent scenery of the island the Venetians called it “The flower of the East” (“Zante, fiore di Lavante”). And even today the wonderful sea and sun-drenched beaches are not the only reasons that make visitors come here from year to year.