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Crete island
Crete, Crete
It is hardly possible to meet someone who would have never heard about Crete today. This island with its long history and culture is the home of Europe’s earliest civilization. But, for sure, that is not the only thing that attracts loads of visitors here. Dazzling Sun, fascinating sea, stories that once seemed only a fairytale and here acquire features of a real story, incredible hospitality of the hosts are the least that one can find on this unique, picturesque and at the same time mysterious Crete!
Description of Crete

Iraklion prefecture
Iraklion sits between the provinces of Rethymno and Lassithi. As it has been mentioned before its capital is the town of Iraklion. This part of the island attracts visitors by its numerous beaches and historical monuments. A fertile valley occupies the central and northern parts of the province while the rest is dominated by the mountains.

Beaches of Iraklion
Iraklion is famous for many well organized beaches with soft sand and crystal clear water.

Amoudara is about 5 km off the capital city of the island. This sandy beach with developed infrastructure seems to be perfect for families with children.

Matala is another popular well-organized sandy beach.

Komos, a big beach with gray sand and a picturesque landscape on the background, is not far from Matala.

Agia Pelagia is a lovely beach located 20 km west from Iraklion. It is thought to be one of the best beaches of the island’s northern coast.

Hersonissos is the resort of several different sand beaches some of which provide water sports facilities. Children will most certainly like the local aquarium. Hersonissos is a lively place with many bars, discos and clubs.

Malia resort is located 34 km West of Iraklion. It mostly favoured by young guests and those who prefer party-like holidays. Endless beach, lots of bars, cafés, and taverns like a magnet attract visitors from all corners of the world, especially from Great Britain.

Hania province
Hania takes the Western part of Crete, so do not be taken aback when you hear it is called the “Western Crete”. It borders only with Rethymno. As tradition goes, the main town of the province has the same name of Hania. Though tourism here keeps developing at a great pace the place is still to be discovered by the mass tourism. However a lot of guests may find it a great advantage.

Beaches of Hania
Elafonisi seems to be one of the most popular Western beaches of the island. It boasts pink sand and shallow water.

Falassarna is another remarkably beautiful sandy beach of the island popular for its spectacular sunsets. It sits in the Northwestern Crete.

Agia Marina is a long sandy beach suitable for young people as well as for families with children. The beach also provides different water sports facilities.

Many visitors see Balos beach as one of the most picturesque places on the island. It is located at the very end of Gramvoussa peninsular. Balos owes its attraction not only to the location but also to the white and pink sand that covers the seabed. This gives to the water its marvelous deep emerald hue.

Kalives sits about 19 km East of Hania. Scenic beach, beauty of the place, its relaxed rhythm are the main attractions of the place

The sandy beach of Frangokastello village, doubtless, will attract those who come to enjoy sun and sea in quiet and serene ambience. It owes its name to the well-preserved Venetian castle. The place is also famous for an unusual optical phenomenon called Drosoulites (gr. dew). Once a year early in the morning the ghost army from the remote past seem to approach the castle walls. It is rumored that sometimes even voices and sounds of the weapons can be heard.

Province of Lissithi
Lasithi is located in the Eastern Crete. The Lassithi plateau is encompassed by the Dikti mountain chain. This mixture creates amazing scenic landscapes. Its capital city of Agios Nikolaos is an attractive place with lively night life.

Beaches of Lassithi
An exotic beach of Vai sits in the Northwestern Crete. It boasts one of the biggest palm woods in Europe. This unique blend of crystal clear water, soft sand and pebbles fringed by the palm trees makes Via very popular among visitors.

Elounda is a small and at the same time very attractive resort. It sits 11 km outside Agios Nikolaos town. Elounda offers several well organized sand beaches. This is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy peace and seclusion away from humming cities. Here one can also take a trip to the neighbouring Spinalonga island.

Plaka beach is located not far from Elounda, in 5 km. This beautiful beach with sand and pebbles every time attracts a lot of visitors. Besides, it has a picturesque view to Spinalonga.

Xerokambos is a long sand beach with shallow and clear sea on the background of low hills and small olive groves.

The sandy beaches of Ierapetra resort (gr. holy stone) have always allured visitors with pictures landscapes and crystal clear sea.

Province of Rethymno
Rehymno borders with provinces of Hania on the west and Iraklion on the east. Spectacular mountains, caves and picturesque gorges with rare rivers make up a fascinating picture that was created both by nature and man. Rethymno is the main town of the province.

Beaches of Rethymno
Rethymno is a well-organized sandy beach of 12 km long. It lies west of the capital city. Bali is a group of four different beaches located in Bali bay. This setting provides a good protection of the place from winds. You can also find different water sports facilities there.

The spectacular beach of Preveli is popular not only among foreigners but also among locals. The local landscape is dominated by small waterfalls and a river that crosses the coast and falls into the sea. The whole picture of the place is accomplished by the embedded palm trees.

Plakias beach lies on the Southern part of the island 32 km off the capital. And from the local fishing village you can have a breathtaking view to the boundless sea and the beach of sand and pebbles.

Crete is the Greek largest and fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. 2013 Crete celebrates hundred-year anniversary of officially becoming part of Greece. And its neighbor, a small islet of Gavdos, is believed to be southernmost point of Europe.

The total land area of the place is about 8 336 sq km with the rugged and craggy coastline of 1 046 km. Three mountain ranges cover two thirds of the surface area and are punctuated by plateaux and occasional rivers. These are Lefka Ori (the White Mountains) in the West with the highest peak Pachnes (2 453 m), Dikti with the highest point Spathi (about 2 148 m) in the East and Ida with the highest point on the island Psiloritis (2 456 m) in central Crete.

Administratively the island is divided into four prefectures:
- Heraklion (Iraklion)
- Lasithi
- Rethymno
- Hania

Crete has two big airports. One is the International Airport "Nikos Kazantzakis" located in the city of Iraklion. The other is the International Airport "Ioannis Daskalogannis" in the city of Hania. There is also the Sitia airport that serves domestic flights.

The island is also accessible by sea with regularly ferry boats from the mainland port of Piraeus. In addition, ferries provide necessary communication of Crete with other islands.
The island has 6 ports of:
• Kissamos town (Kastelli): ferries to Kythira and Antikythira islands only
• Souda town, 14 km from Hania
• Rethymnon town
• Heraklion town
• Agios Nikolaos town
• Sitia town

Public transport of KTEL runs regular buses to most inland settlements. You may also use a taxi to get to your destination point.

The mild climate of Crete island is considered to be one of the best in Europe. Summers here are overpoweringly hot. But meltemi winds (strong Northern winds) make the heat more bearable. Fall is a real prime time here with rather high temperature. Winters can meet you with sporadic rainfalls. In the mountains it can even snow. The average summer temperature on the island is about 26 Celsius degrees, while winter averages in about 17 Celsius degrees.

According to the latest census the island’s population is about 621 340 people the major part of whom lives in three largest cities of Crete of Iraklion, Hania and Rethymno.

As expected Crete’s dominant religion is Orthodox Christianity, while 1.3 % of the rest are Muslems and only 0.7 % belongs to some other confessions.

Local people are well known for their free will, independent character and their wish to stay true to their roots. One can watch many old customs and traditions in remote villages. It is a common thing to meet men in traditional Cretan dresses. Women, as a rule, are dressed in black with black headscarves.

Speaking about Crete it is necessary to mention about the role the music and dance play in local life. They accompany any significant event beginning from weddings and ending with Easter and Christmas.

The Cretan dagger
Wearing a dagger in Crete has a long and rich history with its roots going far back to the ancient Mycenaean era. It got its current form in the late 18th century. And even today in many Cretan village, you can meet men in black with a typical dagger. The island’s inhabitants are still known for their proud temper and doggedness. Men here have always been distinguished for their fighting skill.

Sheep Shearing
It is not accidental that the seemingly ordinary activity such as sheep shearing here takes the form of a real feast. Agriculture still dominates local economy and calendar. The holiday is celebrated in June. The owner invites his friends and relatives to help him and after that all together to celebrate this event.

Of the same significance are other agricultural events such as grapes and olives collection. They have parties after the work is done.

Cretan wedding
Wedding in Crete is one of the most important and grand events that is celebrated several days, making it possible for all friends and relatives to attend the event. It is not a surprise that before the wedding the couple should get the approval of the elders in the presence of the priest. Only after that together they appoint the wedding date. You still may witness in some villages the tradition of giving to the newly-weds a "kaniskya", which is a basket with olive oil, wine, cheese and potatoes. The bride’s dowry is taken to the groom’s house with traditional mandinada (Cretan rhyming couplets) and guns firing into the air. All guests are welcomed with ornate wedding bread.

The custom of Klidonas
This tradition has its roots in old pagan times. It is celebrated on the 24th June, St John’s day. The word “klidonas” means “prediction” in Ancient Greek. Unmarried and single girls get together around the main village well. There they fill a jug with water. Two unmarried girls, both called Mary, carry this jug with “silent water” to the village square. On the way they neither can utter a single word or even laugh. Every girl puts a personal object “rizikaria” into the water. The jug is covered by a red tissue and is left in the open air. Next day Maria gets “rizikaria”, one by one, from the jug accompanying each one with a mantinada addressed to the owner. This couplet is meant to tell the girl about her marriage.

Iraklion (Heraklion) is the capital of the island and one of the four island’s provinces as well. Its population is about 170 000 people. It officially becomes the island’s capital after Hania in 1972. Today this is not only a modern busy cosmopolitan city but also the commercial, historical and financial hub of Crete. Despite all of it, the city still keeps some evident Mediterranean elements. As a main island’s port Iraklion provides the necessary communication with the outer world by sea.

The capital city of Crete has a long history. This long way was not always smooth. The present city of Iraklion was founded in the ninth century by the Saracens. That time it was called Khandak meaning “moat” after the ditch around the city. After the Venetians invaded the island they changed it to Candia in their language. Some time later the city got its present name of Iraklion after the popular ancient hero Hercules, son of Zeus and queen Alcmene. One of his labours was to capture the Cretan bull.

You may start your explorations with the Venetian Fortress Koules, located in the old harbour. It was rebuilt and refurbished in the 16th century. The Venetians called it «Rocca al Mare», though today it is better known as Koules, which in Turkish means "sea fortress". Arsenali is located in the southern flank of the harbour. Once here ships were built or repaired.

Popular squares of Elefterios Venizelos and Elefterias (gr. liberty) with numerous bars, cafés and stalls are always crowded and full of life. And some churches, monuments and museums are just a few minutes’ walk from either…The famous Morosini fountain sits in the square of Elefterios Venizelos. It has got its name after the Venetian governor Francesco Morosini.

Agios Markos (St Mark) basilica, saint patron of the city of Venice, was one of the first constructions built by the Venetians on the island in the 13th century. Basilica is located in the square with the lions, Elefterios Venizelos square.

Once built by the Byzantines the Agios Titos church (St. Titus) was refurbished in the 16th century by the Venetians.

You may start exploring museums with the Archeological museum with premium collection art and artifacts from the Minoan civilization. You will get an opportunity to see the famous Phaestos Disc.

The Historical museum of Crete with the exhibits embracing the history of the island up to the present days. It sits not far from the harbor. To see a marvelous collection of icons, frescoes and different church attributes and utensils you will need to head to the Museum of religious art of Crete.

But perhaps the most visited place on Crete is the Knossos archeological site with its palace. The site is situated 5 km of Iraklion. The Palace remains the most fascinating place on the island that though explains some historical and cultural points still leaves many questions and riddles to be solved. You will feel yourself trapped into the myth while walking along the passages of the legendary labyrinth created by the ingenious mind of the Athenian inventor and master craftsman Daedalus. Ancient tradition says that centuries ago, in times of king Minos, this was the place where the Minotaur was imprisoned.

In case you have time visit the remnants of the ancient town of Gyrtys. Once a capital of the island during the Roman era, today this place is totally abandoned. Although the survived fragments still bear the signs of its great past.

Try something new and visit the palace of Festys with a scenic and stunning landscape as a backdrop.

To some extent it is expected and quite understandable when the invades who were in Crete at different times contributed to the local culture thus shaping the “face” of this place. That is why one can meet here Byzantine churches, Turkish mosques, Venetian fortresses and different ancient mansions.

If you are somewhat a little bit bored and tired from much history and culture then perhaps it is time for you to discover the spectacular and magnificent Samaria gorge, the Europe’s largest gorge, situated in the White Mountains (Lefka Ori).

To add a sense of excitement to your trip, you may also go to the Cretan aquarium "Talassokosmos" (gr. marine world), located on the territory of the former U.S. military base. It is not only entertaining, but also a research center. And Aquarium itself is only a part of the whole complex.

According to many sources Crete is thought to be the birthplace of Zeus, the father of gods and men. It is told that he first saw this world from one of the caves of the Dikti mountain. Taking the form of a white bull he abducted Europa and brought her to Crete. Here she bore Zeus three sons, one of whom was Minos. It was Minos’s daughter Ariadne who helped Theseus to come safe and sound out of the maze giving him a ball of thread.

The island’s history begins from the Neolithic age. To this period belong the first signs of human activity discovered here. Minoan Crete has been the subject of intense and constant study since the moment of its emergence. It owes its name to Sir Arthur Evans who named it after the infamous mythic king. The whole period is marked by more sophisticated architecture, developed culture and writing system. Some fragments of the latter even today remain undecyphered.

1450 BC proved to be fatal for the Minoan island and its inhabitants. Many scholars believe that it was a series of earthquakes that caused the destruction of once flourishing and powerful culture.

Later on as the Roman power was growing in the Mediterranean in the second century, Crete fell under its rule. Christianity reached the island around 60 AD.

With the fall of the Roman Empire Crete became part of Byzantium. Then the Arabs were followed by the Venetians who left many signs of their presence on the island. The Turkish occupation lasted until 1897 when the island finally joined the mainland Greece.

During the World War II Crete suffered from the German occupation. The inhabitants of the island also took an active part in the resistance movement.

After the Germans withdrew their troops and the war came to its end the island could finally enjoy a peaceful life. And with the development of the local tourism and agriculture Crete becomes one of the most prosperous parts of Greece.

Lately Cretan cuisine or as it is often called “Cretan diet” has become a popular topic of discussions and researches. The truth is that the island’s inhabitants use almost everything that gives them their rich nature. But olive oil, which is considered to be one the best of the kind in Greece, still dominates the local cooking tradition.

Use a chance and try known all over Greece Cretan cheeses. The locals are also famous for their skills to cook different meat. And cooked snails are the most beloved dish on the island.

You may ask to bring you a bottle of Cretan wine or perhaps you are experienced enough to try favoured by the locals the distilled spirit of “tsikoudia” («τσικουδία») which is often called “raki”. It is made from the pieces of grapes that were pressed during the wine making process, such as the stems and the seeds.

Being a big resort Crete can offer to its guests a vast variety of entertainments meeting different tastes and needs. Those who prefer to mingle lying in the sun with something more energetic can enjoy riding or walking in the mountains of the island, or perhaps you would like to take part in safari tour.

One may also, if interested, take part in short sea trips or visit any of close islands. The island has many diving and windsurfing centers on Crete.

Besides, there are several water parks with the recently opened “WaterCity”. It has a marvelous view to the seaside and offers a vast variety of activities. It is situated between Hersonissos and Iraklion, 20 minutes far from the latter. “Aqua Plus” sits not far from Kasteli of the Northern Crete. “Limnoupolis” water park is 6 km off Hania, in the neighbourhood of Varipetro.

As the sun goes down, the lights come all across Crete. Here comes the turn of the night with its bars, discos, and clubs. Malia and Agios Georgios are the most popular places for those who want to learn the night Crete. Though, Malia is more recommended for young people than for families with children. Actually this place is the favoured by young Brits who are well known for their wild behavior. And those who would prefer to spend some time in modern bars and clubs with popular DJs it is recommended to go to the island’s capital.

Many guests prefer to take with themselves olive oil of excellent quality, local honey or cheese. The island’s inhabitants are also famous for their craftsmanship. You may buy here top notch ceramics, wooden items or jewelry, etc.

Photos of Crete
Crete, Crete

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Marin Dream Hotel

Crete, Heraklion City

The modern three-star city hotel Marin Dream is located a few steps from the cruise port and the lively city center of Heraklion and welcomes its guests all year round. The hotel is a five-storey building with an elevator and offers comfortable rooms with a simple and unassuming design, a furnished balcony, soundproof doors, a marble bathroom and other amenities. The magnificent view of the harbor and the famous Kule Fortress impresses all hotel guests. The public areas of the hotel are fully air conditioned and include a rooftop restaurant with panoramic view of the port and the city of Heraklion, with traditional Greek cuisine that serves a rich buffet breakfast. In the lobby there is a seating area with a large TV. In the bar with a lounge where guests can hold meetings with friends or colleagues. A small conference room, located on the ground floor, between the reception and the lobby bar, aimed for up to  30 people, can be a venue for business meetings or conventions. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the easy access to the city’s sights and public transport routes, as well as the affordable prices, make Marin Dream hotel the perfect destination in Heraklion city.

Aquila Atlantis Hotel

Crete, Heraklion City

The elegant 5-star city hotel Aquila Atlantis is located in the city center, a few minutes walk from the lively center of Heraklion, providing quick access to historical monuments and museums, as well as city bars, taverns, shops and nightclubs. Built in modern architecture, the hotel has been welcoming guests since 1968. Its doors are open all year round and it offers guests an irresistible combination of an elegant atmosphere, impeccable service, extensive conference facilities and various cultural events, as well as comfortable and stylish rooms. Guests can easily reach Nikos Kazantzakis Airport, which is a 10-minute drive away.

Creta Maris Beach Resort

Crete, Hersonissos

The exclusive five-star hotel complex Creta Maris Beach Resort is located near the village of Hersonissos, on the coast with its own sandy beach and crystal clear water, awarded by the Blue Flag. Built in the form of a traditional Cretan village, the hotel combines the features of the Aegean architecture, the beauty of the environment, the Cretan hospitality and the five-star All-inclusive service. The rooms, suites and bungalows of the hotel, renovated in 2018-2019, are distinguished by a stylish design, combining modern luxury with Cretan traditional flavor, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest. All rooms have private furnished balconies with views of the internal garden or spacious verandas with sea views. The restaurants and bars are a really strong point of the hotel. A wide range of themed restaurants offering local and international dishes and a carefully designed menu based on the concept of healthy eating. In the evenings, there are various themed pursuits that allow guests to get acquainted with various gastronomic cultures. The bars, scattered throughout the hotel, accompany guests to rest at any time of the day, offering snacks, refreshments, romantic, relaxing or fun atmosphere. For children, the hotel provides children's pools, playgrounds, a mini club, various entertainment, sports and educational activities. For lovers of active recreation, the hotel provides the opportunity to engage in tennis courts, a football field, water sports, table tennis. Five kilometers away from the complex is the most famous golf club in Europe - "Crete Golf Club". For adults and children, the hotel regularly hosts various entertainment parties, master classes in cooking original dishes of Cretan cuisine, karaoke nights and discos. The hotel also has an outdoor summer cinema. The Hammam SPA Wellness Center offers guests a set of unique therapeutic procedures for relieving stress, restoring a healthy state of the body, and rejuvenation.

News for the season 2023:

  • renovation of the hotel's entrance, lobby & reception, guest service area and VIP lounge
  • 4 renovated restaurants and 3 new bars
  • 3 new snack points
  • renovation of pools and new sunbeds & umbrellas as well as new pool service

Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection

Crete, Plaka (Elounda)

The magnificent five-star hotel Domes of Elounda - Autograph Collection is located in the most beautiful resort of Elounda, in the secluded bay of Crete, surrounded by mountains in a bay with crystal clear water. The hotel has an attractive location in the region, isolated from other resort complexes. From here there is a breathtaking view of the Venetian fortress Spinalonga and the Aegean Sea. On the area of ​​about 2 hectares there is a unique private sandy beach, equipped with luxurious sun loungers, deck chairs, umbrellas and showers. Beach service is also available. The unique resort of Domes of Elounda has won many awards, and is deservedly a place for luxury holidays. The design of the hotel is so that guests can enjoy both quiet and peaceful places, as well as public areas and family-friendly facilities. The constantly developing hotel complex provides Ultra Suite services based on the principles of exclusivity. The luxury resort consists exclusively of premium suites and Villas. The architecture of Greece, the Carpathians and Syria is reflected in each suite, residence or villa. Color preference is given to soft natural tones, decorated with works of art, as well as hand-carved wooden furniture. Elegant villas are located away from the main part of the resort, and each of them has its own unique design. Dinner in one of the restaurants of the Domes of Elounda offers a gastronomic journey to any gourmet. Light lunch at the edge of the surf, lunch with local delicacies or a romantic dinner for two. The exclusive restaurants menu offers delicious dishes of Greek, Mediterranean, Asian and international cuisine, and of course, delicacies of fish and seafood. The creative team of the hotel organizes a variety of themed evenings in the bars and restaurants of the resort, giving guests the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and cuisine of different countries and peoples, to enjoy musical creativity. The unique "Soma Spa Center Domes of Elounda" offers a wide range of complex treatments for face and body, combining the latest technology with the secrets of the healing procedures of the ancient Greeks. For lovers of outdoor activities, the hotel provides a large selection of sports fields, a gym and water sports. For children in the hotel are provided from the nursery and children's club to the playground and game room for teens, equipped with the latest video games. "Domesland Children's Club" is located in a newly renovated building, where children's programs are held in an unobtrusive and harmonious atmosphere.

Aldemar Knossos Royal

Crete, Anissaras

The luxurious five-star resort of Aldemar Knossos Royal is ideal for family holidays. Built in Minoan style, surrounded by flowering gardens, a complex of blue and white bungalows,  located in the area of ​​Anissaras, on the north coast of Crete. Just 2 km from the hotel, the popular resort of Hersonissos is located, with a variety of shops, restaurants and bars, as well as an active nightlife. The hotel’s rooms are characterized by absolute elegance and high comfort, have high-quality furniture, luxurious linens, exclusive bathroom amenities and modern technical equipment. All rooms have spacious furnished balconies or verandas, offering a wonderful view of the hotel’s flowering gardens or a magnificent view of the sea and the beach. Equipped with 2 outdoor swimming pools with sea water exclusively for rooms with frontal sea view. At the hotel’s restaurants, guests can enjoy a variety of first-class cooking, international and national Greek cuisine. Themed evenings are regularly held where guests can discover the new tastes of Greek and Italian cuisine. The hotel offers many opportunities for outdoor activities - a large selection of water activities, water polo, beach volleyball, water sports center, diving, two tennis courts, a squash court and a fitness center. Well-maintained private sandy beach under the control of certified lifeguards, has comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, showers and changing rooms, a toilet and a gazebo on the beach for an additional fee. For children, the hotel provides two outdoor swimming pools, one of which with sea water, a water slide of 45 meters in length, children's playgrounds, clubs for children and teenagers with a rich program of recreational and educational activities. Guests of Aldemar Knossos Royal can visit the health and beauty center “Royal Mare Thalasso”, which has been awarded with the World Travel Awards each year since 2006, located in the neighboring Aldemar Royal Mare hotel. Aldemar Knossos Royal offers a modern conference room, with modern equipment and impeccable service for various events - parties, informal receptions or business meetings.

Candia Park Village

Crete, Agios Nikolaos

The 4-star hotel Candia Park Village, overlooking the beautiful Mirabello Bay, is rightfully considered one of the best beachfront spa resorts and family hotels in Crete. The hotel resembles a real Cretan village with its picturesque surroundings, the central square with a clock and the traditional Kafenio. Candia Park Village offers a wide range of services for children, recreational activities and water sports. In the hotel’s restaurants, you can enjoy authentic Cretan cuisine and international delicacies, fresh fish and seafood, local fruits and vegetables, sweet mountain honey, Cretan herbs and spices and exceptional Greek wine. Candia Park Village offers a variety of luxurious accommodation options, family apartments and elegant suites, beautifully furnished, with many unique amenities and spacious balconies or terraces. At Ananea Aegeo Spa, guests are invited to relax their body and soul and rejuvenate with soothing massages or beauty treatments. 

Aquila Elounda Village

Crete, Elounda

The luxurious five-star resort Aquila Elounda Village Resort, is a paradise for a romantic holiday in the cosmopolitan area of ​​Elounda, with unrivaled views of the picturesque Mirabello Bay. Nestled among flowering gardens or breathtaking views of the bay, the rooms, bungalows and suites of Elounda Village are the epitome of unsurpassed luxury in a cozy and relaxing environment. The recent restyling of the rooms is inspired by the classic elegance of traditional Cretan architecture, combined with natural tones and stone paving. The hotel offers a wide range of services, such as open-air saltwater swimming pools, a private equipped sandy beach, a restaurant offering a rich buffet throughout the day as part of the premium all-inclusive program, two à la carte restaurants, a beach bar and a lobby bar. The Aquila Elounda Village Wellness Spa offers a series of innovative, exclusive treatments that can help guests get rid of the stress of modern life and revitalize body and soul. The spa has three different types of steam baths, a Finnish sauna, a soft sauna and laconium, an ice cooling fountain, an indoor heated saltwater pool, a well-equipped fitness center and a beauty salon. Professional spa therapists and cosmetologists will offer guests unique treatments tailored to individual needs. Lovers of outdoor activities have the opportunity to do morning exercises and aqua aerobics, water polo, table tennis and billiards, tennis, and various water sports. Evening themed entertainment shows and programs are regularly held. Hotel Aquila Elounda Village provides various venues and a conference room, professional and quality services for all kinds of ceremonial events, business meetings, as well as romantic events and wedding ceremonies.

Elounda Blu Beach Hotel

Crete, Elounda

The unique and stylish Elounda Blu Hotel is located in the popular yet sophisticated resort area of ​​Elounda. The hotel adheres to the concept of "adults only" and guarantees its guests a relaxing, secluded vacation. Elounda Blu is situated on a picturesque hillside leading to a pebbly and sandy beach, stone paths and gardens with local herbs and vegetation, connecting rooms with the main building and common areas, while the whole style of buildings with creamy colors and cozy patios attracts every visitor to enjoy the beauty of Crete. As part of the Ledra Hotels & Villas Group chain, Elounda Blu Hotel takes relaxation to a whole new level, offering an individual approach to service, paying attention to every little thing and the wishes of its guests!
- Close proximity to the popular and cosmopolitan area of ​​Elounda.
- Private pebble beach with crystal clear water 50 meters from the hotel, fully equipped with sun loungers and parasols. Beach service is provided.
- The resort offers two accommodation concepts - Bungalow and Junior Suite Collection, as well as Cool Living Selection.
- 4 restaurants and 4 bars - Fine dining and creative mixology.
- 2 outdoor pools and one indoor heated freshwater pool.
- 300 m2 Spa center and wellness culture in the fresh air.
- Vibrant atmosphere with fashion events and workshops.

Castello Boutique Resort & Spa

Crete, Sissi

An award-winning, attractive five-star boutique hotel for adults only, Castello Boutique Resort & Spa, part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, is located in one of the most popular resorts of Crete, in the traditional fishing village of Sissi and not far from the archaeological monument of the Malia Palace. The hotel has unrivaled amenities, unparalleled service and a romantic atmosphere. The hotel’s rooms and suites are distinguished by style, elegance, comfort and functionality. All rooms are decorated in an elegant European style with luxurious furniture and fabrics. The luxurious rooms and suites, some with private pools or outdoor hot tubs, have private terraces or balconies overlooking the elegant tropical gardens and the tranquil and majestic Cretan landscape. The high-quality cuisine offered at the hotel’s restaurant concentrates on dishes made from the finest quality local produce. And in a stylish bar overlooking the garden and pool, light snacks, exotic cocktails and other drinks are served, accompanied by relaxing music. The 300-square-meter Castello Boutique Resort & Spa’s spa offers a wide range of health and beauty treatments for the body and face that will help guests relax and rejuvenate.

Kernos Beach Hotel

Crete, Stalida

The elegant and comfortable four-star hotel Kernos Beach Hotel, is located at a distance of 1 km from the resort village of Malia and 35 km from the airport of Heraklion. The hotel consists of three main buildings and a bungalow complex, spread out on the territory surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean gardens. At a distance of 50 meters from the hotel there is a private sandy beach, 300 meters long, with comfortable sun loungers and parasols. The refined rooms in the main building and the cozy bungalows, stylishly decorated using glass and wood, have spacious balconies or terraces. In the bathrooms, in some of the bungalows, one of the walls is completely glass, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the garden or the sea. All rooms are equipped with modern appliances and amenities. The hotel’s restaurants, located on the seafront, adhere to a healthy eating philosophy and offer a large selection of traditional Greek and international dishes, carefully prepared with fresh local produce. The hotel has a freshwater outdoor pool, two tennis courts, a gym, and mini golf. The hotel's spa offers massages and beauty services. Kernos Beach Hotel’s meeting room has state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and can cater for up to 160 delegates. Special themed events, gala dinners, and entertainment events organized on request can also be held on this site.

Imperial Belvedere

Crete, Hersonissos

Set on a hillside, the Imperial Belvedere Resort Hotel has one of the best locations in Hersonissos, with the beach just a few meters away, and shops, bars and restaurants within easy reach.

Iberostar Creta Panorama

Crete, Panormo

The Creta Panorama is a four-star hotel which offers a perfect combination of relaxation, beach and leisure, as well as being a fine base from which to explore this fascinating, stunning island. The Creta Panorama  is located right on the beachfront, conveniently close to the fishing village of Panormo and the town of Rethymon.

Iberostar Creta Marine

Crete, Panormo

The elegant four-star family hotel Iberostar Creta Marine is located in the north of Crete, near the typical fishing village of Panormo and 18 km from the famous port of Rethymnon, the port of call for many cruise ships. The location of the hotel is ideal, on the beachfront, with direct access to three secluded beaches. The hotel offers all-inclusive holidays. The luxurious rooms and bungalows of the hotel are located on a large landscaped area, surrounded by palm trees and flowering gardens. All rooms feature elegant furnishings, perfect décor and state-of-the-art technical amenities. Balconies or terraces offer wonderful views of the hotel’s gardens or the sea. In the hotel’s restaurants, guests are able to discover all sorts of new flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine, as well as traditional Cretan dishes. The hotel has a rather wide entertainment program - here guests can enjoy live music, concerts and beach parties. In the hotel’s spa, professionals can help guests get rid of the accumulated stress, offering a variety of massages and aesthetic treatments. There is also a temperature-controlled indoor pool, a jacuzzi and a fitness room. For children, the Iberostar Creta Marine provides a children’s pool, a playground, and a Star Camp. This is an innovative entertainment program, where children in addition to fun and games receive new knowledge. Star Camp is divided into several age groups. Throughout the hotel there is free Wi-Fi Premium, so that guests can surf the Internet at any time and use up to six different devices at the same time. The hotel also has a conference room and a meeting room, suitable for holding any event - a conference, presentation or meeting.

Aquila Porto Rethymno

Crete, Rethymno Town

Luxurious and modern five-star city hotel Aquila Porto Rethymno 5 * is located 700 meters from the city of Rethymno, on a magnificent sandy beach. In a few minutes walk, there is the Old Town of Rethymno, where guests can walk for hours through the picturesque streets. There are many shops, restaurants and bars in the area. The hotel has been recognized worldwide with prestigious awards and certificates for its excellent service and hospitality. Guests are welcomed in the lobby with a 24-hour front desk. The hotel is air conditioned and offers many amenities, including a hotel safe, currency exchange, an elevator and a TV room. Porto Rethymno is an urban oasis with well-equipped rooms and suites that meet the needs of every traveler. The recently renovated rooms and suites offer views of Rethymno’s beach or the city’s port. The Premium All Inclusive food plan provides guests with a choice of several restaurants and bars, where in an elegant and stylish setting, they serve all sorts of local, Italian and international dishes, as well as specialty cocktails and specialty spirits all day until late at night. In addition, every week Premium All Inclusive guests can participate in themed and gala dinners. For lovers of outdoor activities, various sports facilities and activities, a gym and yoga classes are provided. Aegeo Spa provides specialized treatments and massages using the highest quality essential oils, traditional Greek herbs and spices. The hotel also offers two spacious conference rooms with modern technical equipment.

Aquila Rithymna Beach

Crete, Adelianos Kampos

The five-star exquisite complex Aquila Rithymna Beach Hotel is built in the style of a traditional Cretan village. The complex is located in a huge garden with exotic plants. The Rithymna Beach Hotel is located on Crete’s longest sandy beach, offering breathtaking views of Mount Psiloritis and the White Mountains, right up to the old town of Rethymnon and its Venetian fortress. This beach has been awarded with the international "Blue Flag" in accordance with the strict guidelines of the European program, and is also a nesting site for the endangered Logthead sea turtles (Caretta Caretta). One of the most elegantly decorated hotels in Greece, this hotel offers ideal conditions for relaxing in a luxurious environment. The hotel offers superbly furnished rooms, secluded villas and bungalows surrounded by picturesque gardens, with panoramic sea view. It offers a wide selection of Greek and international dishes in restaurants that have been awarded with some of the top international culinary awards. AEGEO SPA offers a range of exclusive face and body treatments in a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The Rithymna Beach Hotel provides guests with a wide range of sports and fun activities for the whole family. For children, the hotel has a children's camp and the Kri Kri club, the territory resembles a colorful magical village, with an amphitheater, a creative studio, playgrounds, workshops and a snack bar and snacks open all day. For teens aged 13-17 in the high season (from mid-June to mid-September) Club 4U works, organizing all sorts of events and excursions for a fun and exciting vacation for young guests, taking into account their age. The Rithymna Beach Convention Center offers guests 6 multifunctional venues for a wide variety of events and meetings, as well as all sorts of facilities for a wedding, honeymoon or anniversary.

Vantaris Palace

Crete, Kavros

The Vantaris Palace is situated northwest of Crete, close to the Village Kavros-Kournas at the region Georgioupolis. The area is well known for its spectacular countryside and unique sightseeing spots. Crystal clear waters, mountains, rivers are in harmony with the only sweet water lake on Crete - the lake Kournas which is famous for its unmatched immaculate cleanliness.

Vantaris Beach

Crete, Kavros

Vantaris Beach Hotel is located on the North West of Crete,  close to the village of Georgioupolis and the lake of Kournas. The hotel complex is situated on the longest sandy beach of the Island and is the ideal place for holidays.

Pilot Beach Resort & Spa

Crete, Georgioupolis

The magnificent five-star hotel Pilot Beach Resort, award-winning for the quality and scope of services, offers excellent amenities and facilities that ensure an unforgettable vacation in Crete. Located between Chania and Rethymnon, in the area of ​​Georgioupolis, famous for its breathtaking landscapes, the resort covers an area of ​​150,000 m2 with picturesque landscapes, blooming gardens, olive groves and avocado trees. The resort’s private sandy beach on the beautiful Aegean Sea stretches for 400 meters and represents only a small segment of the famous 7-km Georgioupolis beach, awarded with the Blue Flag for its amazing natural beauty and high standards. The resort’s 4 outdoor pools cover an impressive 2,800 m². The design concept of the hotel is to offer guests direct access to the water. Pilot Beach Resort offers guests a choice of charming bungalows and suites, including luxury suites with a private pool. Almost all bungalows overlook the pool or are located by the sea. The resort’s fine restaurants offer healthy meals with authentic Greek cuisine, Italian delicacies and international cuisine. The bars at the Pilot Beach Resort offer fine drinks and services in a beach atmosphere, surrounded by piano music or with a lively atmosphere of dance and entertainment shows. The world of activities and entertainment includes morning yoga, games on the beach, tennis or beach volleyball, dance lessons or an art workshop. In the evenings, spectacular performances, cultural events and traditional musical shows take place. The modern Olive Spa in harmony with Cretan Nature uses exclusively natural products and organic Pilot olive oil for its unique spa treatments. For children, the hotel provides: freshwater pools and a playground, a children's menu in the restaurant, a mini club, "Aqualand" with a pool, small slides and games, a small fun train for excursions and children's tours, mini discos, children's shows, etc. The wide range natural and scenic sites at the resort, conference rooms, the beach and other areas, provides an opportunity to hold various events, from business meetings and conferences to celebrating romantic events.

Asterias Village Apartment Hotel

Crete, Koutouloufari

The attractive and cozy 4-star Asterias Village Resort is located on a hillside in the Hersonissos area, between the charming traditional villages of Koutouloufari and Piskopiano, offering stunning panoramic view of the Cretan Sea. The hotel is located in a quiet area, but at the same time just a few minutes away from the cosmopolitan Hersonissos and all the popular attractions of the area. One of the best qualities of Asterias Village is the attentive staff, which offers warm hospitality and excellent round-the-clock service to make the stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Asterias Village Resort offers three different types of accommodation suitable for couples and families and is available at affordable prices, combined with comfort and high standards. All rooms are elegantly decorated and have their own kitchen, all the necessary amenities and a balcony or terrace. Oliva Restaurant offers a rich variety of Greek and Mediterranean dishes, as well as local Cretan cuisine using olive oil and fresh local produce. The magnificent view of the Cretan Sea and the old harbor of Hersonissos adds romance to the meals. The large swimming pool plus the sunny recreation area has a fantastic panoramic view, which offers guests a relaxing holiday under the sun. Adult guests can cool off in the jacuzzi. Next to the pool, under the wooden gazebo, there is a bar where you can refresh yourself with various drinks and cocktails. For children, the hotel has a children’s pool, a kids ’club with light entertainment, a playground, free cots and high chairs, and a children's menu in the Oliva restaurant. In the mini market, which is located directly opposite the entrance to the hotel, guests can find everything they need without leaving the resort. Three times a day the hotel provides a free shuttle service to the city of Hersonissos. Free Wi-Fi internet is available throughout the hotel and in the rooms. In the Asterias Village Resort, guests can join themed events such as - Greek - Cretan Party, Karaoke Evening, music programs.

Aristea Hotel

Crete, Elounda

Aristea Hotel is located in the centre of Elounda village and invites you for a relaxing holiday, 70 km from the airport.


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