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Ionian islands
Corfu, Corfu
Ancient Kerkyra today is mostly known as Corfu. The island still keeps its charms and every year it attracts loads of visitors. Lush landscapes “intrude” into the local architectural eclecticism making up a unique and magnificent picture.
Description of Corfu

The scenic village Gastouri is not far from Corfu Town. Its main attraction is the Achilleion Palace once being summer residence of Elisabeth of Bavaria. She picked up this place to find serenity and peace after her son’s death.

Kanoni is another picturesque place located 4 km off the capital. It has a wonderful view over the nearby Pontikonisi and Vlachernon monastery. It is said that the name of the place comes from the canon that was left here in 1789 by the French.

Lefkimmi is one of the several traditional settlements and lies in the Southern Corfu. Being located in a fertile valley Lefkimmi is full of olive groves and vineyards. This place is also famous for its churches and monasteries such as Agios Arsenios church and the monastery of Panagia Eleusa.

Pelekas is thought to be one of the island’s most beautiful places. It is located on the hill of about 220 m height. They say that from this place you can watch the most stunning sunrise on Corfu. Even Wilhelm II, the German Emperor, loved to watch it while he was staying here. As a proof locals can show you the exact place “Keiser’s Throne” where he used to sit. Besides, there is a lovely beach Glifada not far from here.

Paleokastritsa is another scenery resort that is very popular among guests. It sits in the Southwestern part of Corfu. Chilly clear sea, soft sand, olive groves backed with rocks and green hills create a unique atmosphere of this settlement. The place has started to develop its tourist infrastructure from 1950. Paleokastritsa is also well known for its wonderful and different beaches.

Among numerous beaches of the island any visitor can find a place that meets their mood and wishes.

Located about 16 km to the west of Corfu Town Glifada has become one of the most popular beaches of the island that is often favoured by families. Soft sand washed along by the sky-blue waters of the pleasant sea surrounded by green hills together with the developed beach infrastructure can make you staying here carefree and unforgettable. In addition, there is a wide range of services for those who look for more active kind of holidays, such as water sports facilities, beach volley-ball, etc. If you are keen on golf there is a good golf course in the neighbourhood.

If you want to go to Corfu together with your family or friends, then you have a good opportunity to try Dassia beach. This blend of sand and small pebble is located 13 km off Corfu Town on the Southeast of the island. This beach is backed by lush, tree-covered hills. Perhaps this greenery is the origin of the name Dassia that literary means “forest”. The land slopes gently down to the sea, shallow and calm water make this beach suitable not only for children but also for visitors of different age.

Furthermore, Agios Stefanos beach is a perfect choice for those who look for quiet family holidays. This in a way remote place sits about 40 km away from the capital town in the Southern Corfu. Agios Stefanos beach with its thin pebbles is also adorned with hills and low rocks.

Usually overcrowded Ipsos beach is located 15 km off Corfu Town in the Southeastern part of the island. This sandy with pebbles beach is very popular among young visitors. Ipsos boasts a well-organized infrastructure and offers a wide range of services for water sports fans. Those who want to taste the local night life are welcomed to the numerous night bars, clubs and restaurants.

Lively Sidari with its sand and pebbles nestles 35-40 km away from the capital in the Northern part of Corfu island. Actually Sidari is three beaches that became one in the course of time. This beach with plenty of bars, clubs and entertaining centers, most probably, is not for those who look for peace and tranquility. It is always noisy and crammed here. There are many tunnels and caves carved in the rocks that embrace the beach. The most known is Canal D’Amour (“Channel of Love”). It is believed that anyone who manages to swim along it will soon meet their match.

A comparatively small beach of Kontokali sits in the Western part of the island, 8 km off capital. This place is favoured by those who appreciate more or less peaceful holidays. The beach is fairly well organized in terms of water sports facilities. Besides, its shallow water is safe enough for children.

Nissaki beach is a good choice for those who prefer quiet and at the same time picturesque places. It is located 24 km off capital in the North eastern part of Corfu at the very feet of Pantokrator Mount. There are a lot of tuck-away secluded bays along the coast that can satisfy any wish for solitude.

If you want to combine local flavour and quietness are invited to enjoy Kalami beach that lies along the Northeastern Corfu. Once, not long before the World War II burst out, Darrell brothers used to live in Kalami village. Today this place is the main attraction for those who wish to hide away from town hum and bustle.

Try not to confuse Agios Georgios beach (north) with another one located in the Southern part of the island. Sandy with pebble spots Agios Georgios is 35 km off the capital. This picturesque place is perfect for families. Still it is also favoured by windsurfers.

Corfu or Kerkyra, as the natives call it, is the second largest Ionian island as well as the northernmost of the whole group which is off the west coast of the mainland Greece. Its area is about 593 sq km with the rugged coastline of 217 km. The landscape is mostly mountainous. Its Northern part is separated from the rest by a line of mountains with the biggest being the Mount of Pantokrator (906 m.).

Corfu boasts its own international Ioannis Kapodistrias airport that handles regular charter flights from different European countries. It sits about 3 km South of Corfu Town on the Eastern part of the island.

It is also easy to get to Corfu by sea from mainland ports of Igoumenitsa and Patra. In high season ferries come and go almost every hour providing the necessary connections to the other islands and to the mainland.

To travel inside the island one can use the local public buses. Blue municipal buses serve the capital and nearby territory. To get to farther points of the island one can take KTEL busses of green colour.

Besides, it is always also possible to take a taxi.

The main feature of the Corfu’s mild Mediterranean climate that makes it different from any other Ionian island is its high level of humidity in summer time and often rainfalls. In the summer, the average temperature varies from 23 Celsius degrees to 30 Celsius degrees and in winter time, from 15 Celsius degrees to 17 Celsius degrees.

The rainfall season as a rule lasts from September till March.

According to the latest census the island’s population was about 110 000 residents. They are warm and friendly people who are fond of making jokes, laughing and singing. Their speech is like a song thanks to numerous borrowings from the Italian language – result of the island’s history and geographical location.

About 95% of the locals are Orthodox. So it is quite natural that the most significant religious event here is Easter. Its celebration is a unique cocktail of local traditions and borrowed Venetian ones. The main highlights of this religious holiday were worked out in the 17th century and since then have remained unchanged. Thus, one of Easter days the relics of Saint Spiridon, patron of the island, is taken in procession around the streets of the town. This time you should be very careful walking along the streets because of the tradition of smashing the pottery “spasimo ton botidon”. Some of them can be filled with water. This custom was also inherited from the Venetians. You can take a chance and enjoy live music performed by numerous bands in the open air.

If you are lucky enough you can also watch an unusual “show” called “choros ton papadon” (“dance of the priests”). The dance is started and led by the priests and a little bit later other elders join. There is a good chance to take a look at it during Maundy Thursday in one of the island’s villages.

Corfu is also famous for its long musical tradition. There are many musical schools and philharmonic orchestras that very often come out to perform free open air shows.

According to unspoken tradition the main town and the island have the same name. So Greeks call it Kerkyra while the rest of the world mostly prefers Corfu Town. The capital owes its charms first of all to the vast variety of architectural styles and trends that have survived throughout centuries. The town was founded in the VIII century B.C. It is built in the Eastern part of the island on the headland fringed with coves.

Architecturally and historically Corfu Town can be divided into Old Town (Palia Poli) and New Town (Nea Poli). The Old Town sits between Esplanade and Neo Enetiko Frurio (New Venetian Fortress). You can get to the fortress crossing the bridge through the moat. It is the Old Town with its unique buildings and maze of tiny sidewalks “kantounia” that was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage list. Venetian style dominates the place. But do not underestimate the French and English influences.

Modern life of the capital town is focused on one of the most picturesque squares of Greece Esplanade (Spianada). In fact it looks like a green park zone surrounded with trees. Along the west side of Esplanade is a long line of buildings and café known as Liston. Originally this place was designed by the French designers according to the well-known Parisian Rivoli. Not long ago this place was accessible only to those who were registered in a special list (“list”). Fortunately, time has wiped off this restriction.

Architecture is the main feature that makes the island different from any other place as if history was captured by these stones. Walk along these paved sidewalks, watch the ancient churches and you will come to understand those who return to this place again and again.

To feel and understand the island’s individuality one should visit the Old Town (Palia Poli) that nestles between two fortresses.

Paleo Frurio (The Old Fortress), as its name says, is older than the New Frurio (the New Fortress). This defense bastion was constructed by the Venetians in 1559 on the site of the Byzantine castle. An artificial defense moat separates it from the mainland and it seems that the Fortress is on the small island. Later on, in 1819, the old wooden bridge between the fortress and the mainland was replaced with new one by the English.

Neo Frurio (The New Fortress) was built between 1572 and 1645 by the Venetians. It sits on the hill of Agios Markos (Saint Mark) that is why it is often called Neo Frurio Agiou Markou. The fortification works were completed by French and British.

There are a lot of churches in Corfu. But the church of Agios Spiridonas (Saint Spiridon) plays leading role in the island’s life. Agios Spiridonas is the most beloved saint patron and the keeper of Corfu. Tradition says that he saved the island from different disasters more than once. The church was built in the 16th century. Here rests the body of the Saint Spiridon brought to Corfu from Constantinople. The church single out by its tall bell tower with the red dome.

Pontikonisi, which means “mouse island”, lies not far from Kanoni and about 4-5 km off the capital. This all green islet covered with cypress trees today is under government protection. It has become the “trademark” of Corfu island. The whitewashed stair leads to the small church of Pantokrator of the 11-12th centuries. It is said that the island owes its name to this very stair that looks like a mouse tail from afar. According to the legend Pontikonisi once was Odysseus’s ship that the angry god of the sea Poseidon turned into rock. The monastery of Panagia Vlachernon sits on a small piece of land very close to Pontikonisi. The monastery was built around 17th century. This islet is connected to Kanoni by a narrow pathway.

One of the most visited places of the island Kanoni is located on the peninsular of the same name. It has a wonderful view to the nearby monastery of Panagia Vlachernon and Pontikonisi. This name comes after the military engineering works held by French in the 18th century. A small canon they had left on Analipsi hill also reminds about their presence on the island.

Set in a lush green scenery Mon Repos estate takes the most part of Analipsi hill. The estate is located 3 km off Corfu Town. The palace was built as a residence for the British Commissioner of the Ionian islands Frederic Adams in 1831. It was here that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born in 1921. For some time the estate served as a summer residence for the Greek royal family. Today Mon Repos belongs to the state.

Achilleion Palace was built in the 19th century for the Empress of Austria Elizabeth, also known as Sissi, in mourning for the suicide of her son. It is located in the village Gastouri. The neo-classical building is surrounded by the park and many statues. The most famous is the statue of the “Dying Achilles” plucking the arrow from his heel. The whole ensemble owes its name to this ancient hero whom the Empress so much admired. After that the Palace was owned by the Emperor of Germany Keiser Wilhelm II. And nowadays several scenes of the movie about James Bond were filmed here.

Furthermore, Corfu has its own museums and among them the Archeological museum. It gives an excellent opportunity to travel centuries back and gain an insight into island’s past. The museum’s centerpiece is the pediment from the Temple of Artemis. It features a Medusa figure and dates back to the 6th century B.C.

For a little bit different experience one can visit the local Museum of Asian Arts, the only one in Greece. It is located in an impressive neo-classical palace of Agios Michail and Agios Georgios (Saint Michael and Saint George). The museum hosts about 10.500 works of art most of which are donations of the Greek diplomat Grigoris Manos. The other part of the items was granted to the museum by Chatzivasiliou N., Sinisoglou I., Alimanachos P., and others.

The name of the island is tightly connected with mythology and is derived from it. Ancient Greeks believed that it was this place where Poseidon brought his abducted mistress Corkyra, daughter of the river god Asopus. Thus, her name was given to the island. Corkyra gave birth to Phaeax who became head of the Phaeacean people on Corfu. They were very hospitable and loved by gods. Homer’s Scheria, where Phaeaceans lived, is very often related to modern Corfu. They also were famous for their navigation skills and so they helped poor Odysseus to return to his home. For this they were punished by Poseidon. The legend also tells that here the Argonauts found refuge trying to hide from their pursuers.

Corfu, as a name of the island, is mostly favoured by the foreigners. It is an Italian corruption of the Byzantine word «κορυφώ» (koryphō) that means “city of the peaks”. This word, in its turn, is derived from the Greek «κορυφαί» (koryphai) meaning “crests of peaks, top”. The island’s inhabitants still prefer to call it Kerkyra.

The island’s history can be traced back as far as the Neolithic Age. This time is marked by the appearance of the first human settlements. In time of Persian wars Corfu had the second largest fleet. When the Roman Empire almost collapsed Corfu remained with the Eastern Roman Empire that later became the Byzantine Empire. After the fall of Byzantium the island was conquered by the Genoese privateers (1197-1207), who were, in turn, cast out by the Venetians. From 1386 till 1401 Corfu was under Venetian rule. This time the Ottoman Empire made several attempts to conquer the island but all of them failed. The lasting presence of Venetians on the island immensely influenced local life as well as the local language that borrowed and assimilated a lot of Italian words. Then the French came to the island. Their presence lasted for 2 years until they were expelled by the Russian-Ottoman squadron under the command of admiral Ushakov. In 1807 the island goes back to French administration. And in 1815 Corfu and other Ionian islands became a protectorate of the United Kingdom. During the World War II the island was occupied by the Italians. From 1943 Corfu was controlled by the Nazis. The island was liberated by the British troops.

The characteristic feature of the local Mediterranean cuisine is its close connection with the island’s history. Local cuisine was greatly influenced by the Venetians. The way of cooking of many dishes has remained mostly the same as centuries ago. It should be born in mind that a lot of dishes here are richly spiced.

Probably one of the most popular local dishes is “sofrito” («σοφρίτο»), which is a thinly sliced veal steak cooked with garlic, parsley, white wine, pepper and vinegar. “Bourdeto” (“μπουρδέτο”) is fish cooked with red spicy pepper, onion, paprika. The best fish for “bourdeto” is the scorpion fish. Usually it is served with lemon. “Tsigareli” (“τσιγαρέλι”) is a spicy dish prepared from different wild greens, onion, garlic and red spicy pepper. Do not miss a chance to taste local “pastitsada” (“παστιτσάδα”): this is another dish that is also favoured by many guests. It is cooked from beef, garlic, parsley and pepper. “Pastitsada” is usually served with pasta and tomato sauce.

Any important event on the island has its own special dish. For example, the main dish of Christmas is “avgolemono” (“αυγολέμονο”) and “tsilichourda” (“τα τσιλίχουρδα”) is served as a main Easter dish.

Then you can continue with “mantoles” (“μάντολες”), traditional sweets of almond in caramel, or “mantolato” (“μαντολάτο”) which is soft nougat of sugar, sesame, almond, honey and rose water.

Do not leave without tasting local liqueur prepared from an exotic fruit of kumquat that got on Corfu from Asia. Besides, Corfu boasts its honey, wine and ouzo (national Greek spirit).

For those who are just bored spending all their days on the beach and want to amuse themselves with something different there is a good opportunity to try local cricket field and a golf course. Your children will be really grateful to you if you take them to the local “Aqualand” to enjoy water adventures there.

If you like staying up all night, you can choose any of the island’s clubs and discos. Otherwise, you can visit local casino.

Corfu is very famous for its handcrafted objects that are prepared from olive wood. There are a lot of shops in Corfu Town where you can buy local olive oil and olive soap. Those who appreciate local spirit can get tagari (ταγάρι), a woolen bag. In case you have enough time and wish as well you can visit one of the mountain villages which are known for their lace and linen. And do not forget to take a couple of bottles of local kumquat liqueur.

Photos of Corfu
Corfu, Corfu

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Corfu Palace Hotel

Corfu, Corfu Town

The impressive five-star Corfu Palace Hotel is located in one of the most strategically important points on the island of Corfu, which offers magnificent views of the Garitsa Bay and the mainland, just 400 meters from the center of Corfu. It offers superb accommodation in a setting of romance and sophistication. A spacious living room with an impressive staircase and marble steps, 106 elegant and spacious rooms and suites, including a VIP floor, welcome even the most demanding guests. A welcoming atmosphere, renowned cuisine, and modern services are offered at this historic hotel.

Potamaki Beach

Corfu, Benitses

The attractive 3-star Potamaki Beach Hotel is located on the southeast coast of Corfu in Benitses, 12 km from Kerkyra and 11 km from the island's airport. A shingle/rocky beach is 30 meters away. Parasols and sun loungers are available at the beach at an additional cost. Benitses is a short walk away, where guests will find a supermarket, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The hotel, completely renovated in 2012, consists of a 4-story main building and an adjoining building and has 165 rooms. The Mediterranean-style hotel’s outdoor area features one freshwater outdoor pool and separate children's pool. Overlooking the hotel’s pool or Benitses Beach, the restaurant offers a rich variety of traditional Greek dishes and international dishes, fresh salads, seasonal fruits and delicious desserts. A gift shop and parking are also available. WiFi internet is available for free throughout the hotel and in the rooms. Guests can play billiards or table tennis, and in the evenings there are evening shows and live music.

Aeolos Beach Resort-Corfu

Corfu, Perama

The luxurious 4-star Aeolos Beach Hotel, completely renovated, perched on the south east coast of Corfu, set on the slopes surrounded by lush greenery with stunning views of the Ionian Sea and the mainland. The hotel is 10 km from the center of Corfu (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and 8 km from the international airport, which allows guests to spend days relaxing on the hotel’s organized beach or pool, and bright nights in the trendy center of Corfu. This elegant hotel takes into account the individual needs of each guest, provides exceptional living conditions and fast, high-quality service.

- Private picturesque beach (100 meters from the hotel)
- 333 comfortable and elegant rooms
- Accommodation and facilities for families including two-bedroom family rooms
- All Inclusive package
- 3 Restaurant and 4 Bars /  Three food outlets offering various snacks / Creperie and sweet kiosk at the beach
- A Wellness and massage centre / Sauna and fitness room - free access
- Animation programme and mini club
- Free Wi-Fi access
- a multi-use outdoor entertainment complex - Agora Project 

Sunshine Corfu Hotel and Spa

Corfu, Nissaki

The 4-star Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa is located right on the beach in the picturesque village of Nissaki and only half an hour from Corfu city center. Built amphitheatrically on a green hill of olive and pine trees, with uplifting panoramic sea views of the Ionian Sea, Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa is an all inclusive paradise that offers the perfect combination for your summer holidays.

- Located right on the beach.
- 313 spacious rooms with Corfu elegant ambiance.
- Rich All Inclusive program - Greek, Italian, international cuisine and theme nights.
- 1 Relax Pool and 1 Activity Pool with Kids' section with barrier.
- A kids club with full program of events, indoor and outdoor play areas and playground.
- An open-air theater, shows and Folklore Greec Night.
- Free WiFi throughout the hotel and in the rooms.
- Options for outdoor activities and sports.
- Spa Facilities / Free use of Gym.
- Hotel generally not suitable for disabled guests.

Louis Kerkyra Blue Hotel and Spa

Corfu, Potamos

Kerkyra Blue Hotel and Spa is located 3 km from the capital and the port of Corfu, 5 km from the airport. The hotel was constructed in 1974 and fully renovated in 2022/2023.

MarBella Corfu Hotel

Corfu, Agios Ioannis Peristeron

The luxurious 5 star MarBella Hotel is located in the southern Ionian Sea, amongst the olive grove and the beach of Agios Ioannis Peristeron in Corfu. It is a beach resort with a wide range of upscale amenities and exclusive services, including excellent accommodation options, breathtaking sea views, various restaurants, relaxing spa treatments, various sports and entertainment activities, a wide range of amenities and services for children, a wide range of entertainment and cognitive entertainment in the children's club, as well as many options for a romantic getaway.
The recently renovated MarBella hotel offers more spacious and comfortable accommodation with suites and family suites with a private pool. The provided services are: an aerobics platform, a tennis courts, a poolside bar and an underground venue for live music evenings, karaoke and dance evenings, an underground passage leading directly to the hotel's natural  beach. 

In 2022 the brand-new Anemelia Aqua Park with 8 slides and a parents infinity swimming pool were open. As well as 2 new a la carte restaurants and a new Kids Club.

News 2024:

  • Fully renovated rooms & suites
  • Two brand-new room types: Superior Family Room Private Garden Garden View & Superior Family Room Private Garden Sea View 
  • Elevated premium Ultra All Inclusive
  • Daily replenished Mini Bar for All Signature Life guests
  • Renovated Eleonas Bar with signature cocktails and tapas 

Louis Corcyra Beach

Corfu, Gouvia

An attractive 4-star Louis Corcyra Beach hotel, considered one of the best family hotels in Greece, conveniently located on the seafront, surrounded by delightful gardens and five secluded beaches, it offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is located in Gulf of Gouvia, just a five-minute walk to a lively chain of shops, bars and restaurants. The island's capital, Corfu, is just a 15-minute drive away.

- Located directly on the sand and pebble beach.
- 368 comfortable rooms and family apartments.
- A rich all-inclusive program with a variety of theme nights and children's buffet.
- Two pools for adults (Lagoon Pool -1200 m2) and a separate children's pool.
- A wide range of entertainment.
- Options for outdoor activities and sports.
- Children's club, playground and children's mini - disco.
- Mini Market and souvenir shop.
- Free WiFi throughout the hotel and in the rooms.

Download hotel description 2020.

Kontokali Bay Resort and Spa

Corfu, Kontokali

Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa is a Hotel-Bungalow complex on the central eastern shoreline of the emerald island of Corfu, situated only 6 km from the island’s capital, Corfu Town and local international airport. Built on a densely wooded peninsula and on a natural incline, the main building of the Kontokali Bay overlooks both the sparkling blue waters of the Ionian Sea that separates Corfu from the taupe, coastal mountains of the Greek Mainland and the Gouvia Marina.

- 261 comfortable rooms, bungalows and suites
- Outdoor pool with sea water and indoor heated pool
- Blue Flag sandy beaches (accessible via elevator) / Full serviced. Beach towels, sun loungers and umbrellas free of charge
- Entertainment and sport activities
- Supervised Mini Club
- 4 Restaurants and 2 Bars
- Spa facilities
- Free Wi-Fi in all rooms and throughout all public areas
- Courtesy bus to and from Corfu Town (once every morning)

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Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort and Spa

Corfu, Ermones

Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort & SPA 5 * is located on the west coast of Corfu Island in the village of Ermones, 16 km from the international airport, 17 km from the capital of the island. The luxury resort accommodates guests only over 16 years old, which guarantees visitors a relaxing and peaceful holiday. Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo cascades along breath taking cliffs among cypress and eucalyptus trees, offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. The hotel offers gourmet restaurants and bars, a light animation program throughout the day, themed evenings and live music, as well as different sports options and various programs of the spa complex, designed for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel

Corfu, Corfu Town

Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel is built in a quiet green exclusive suburb of Corfu Town. The hotel combines the Venetian architecture with the relaxing atmosphere and the traditional Corfiot hospitality. It is located 1,5 km away from Corfu Town.

Magna Graecia

Corfu, Dassia

Magna Craecia 4* is located 300 meters from the tourist village Dassiaand consists of the  3-storey classical style buildings. 500m from the beach. The hotel is situated 8 km from Corfu Town and 7 km from the local international airport.

Mareblue Beach Resort

Corfu, Agios Spiridon

Mareblue Beach Resort is an amazing four-star hotel situated on the seafront of one of the most stunning beaches in Corfu. The beach boasts crystal clear turquoise water of the Ionian Sea. The resort has three restaurants that offer breathtaking views of the sea. Guests can take advantage of the resort's many facilities, including three swimming pools, a children's pool, an adults-only swimming pool, a gym, a mini-market, a massage area, a Miniclub for kids, and a full-day kids animation program. With all of these amenities, you can enjoy a dream vacation with everything you need at your fingertips!

News 2023:

Safety box in all the rooms is free of charge, as well as free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the hotel. 

Mayor Mon Repos Palace Art Hotel

Corfu, Corfu Town

The historic four-star Adults-only Hotel Mayor of Mon Repos Palace “Art Hotel” is located on the edge of the Garitsa's Bay, overlooking the Ionian Sea and the old Venetian fort in Corfu. Just a few steps from the city center, it is an ideal urban-style hotel where elegance combines with luxury and classic with modernity, and its design with select 18th-century antiques from Achillion Palace justifies its classification as an Art Hotel.
- Located 1.5 km from Corfu Airport and 1 km from Corfu Old Town.
- An organized public beach is 20 meters in front of the hotel.
- 110 hotel rooms offer comfort and luxury in a classic and minimalist style. Most rooms offer panoramic views of the Ionian Sea or Corfu Fort.
- Exquisite hospitality is complemented by the Passaggio Bistrot restaurant, with its rich tastes and regular musical events, popular among locals and hotel guests.
- 1 outdoor swimming pool with fresh water.
- Spa Salon offers many massage options, skin care treatments, and various beauty services.

Download hotel description 2020.

Messonghi Beach Hotel

Corfu, Moraitika

Messonghi Beach Holiday Resort 4* is located on Corfu Island which is famous for its lush greenery. It is conveniently located on the beach between Moraitika and Messonghi villages, both of which are within walking distance. Additionally, it is only around 22 km away from Corfu Town and the airport. The buildings and bungalows are enveloped by delightful gardens that lead to the sea, and guests can enjoy views of the gardens, pools, or the Ionian Sea from their accommodation. The Resort provides two outdoor swimming pools with children's section and one mini Aquapark (for children until 12 y.o.)

Corfu Holiday Palace

Corfu, Kanoni

The Corfu Holiday Palace Resort is a 5-star complex located in the Kanoni area of ​​Kerkyra Island. The hotel is on a hill, covering an area of ​​45,000 square meters and provides its guests with panoramic views of the sea and the island of Ponticonissi - the famous landmark of Corfu .The hotel's spacious and cozy rooms are decorated in a Mediterranean style and equipped with all modern amenities, including satellite television and individual air conditioning. The hotel offers a wide range of facilities and services, including a sandy beach accessible via inclined elevator, a health club with a heated indoor pool, shops, an outdoor swimming pool with a separate children's area, bars and restaurants, a golf club with reduced rates for the hotel guests, four bowling tracks and two tennis courts, a beauty salon, a children's playground, as well as services for organizing and holding all kinds of conferences and events. This elegant and refined hotel is ideal for any category of tourists.

CNic Hellinis Hotel Corfu

Corfu, Kanoni

Hellinis Hotel is located in Kanoni, 4 km from Kerkira Town.

Corfu Belvedere Hotel

Corfu, Benitses

The attractive Belvedere Hotel is located in Corfu, in the Agios Ioannis Peristeron region, south of the famous village of Benitses, in an elevated location with stunning views of the Ionian Sea. A small public pebble beach with free sun loungers and parasols is opposite the hotel across the road. The 170 rooms of the Belvedere Hotel are located in one main building, served by two elevators. All rooms have a balcony with sea or mountain views. The hotel operates on an all-inclusive program. On-site facilities include an outdoor saltwater swimming pool with free sun loungers and umbrellas, a restaurant serving Greek and international cuisine, a main bar and pool bar, a relaxation area in the hotel lobby with a billiard and satellite plasma TV, and free parking opposite the hotel. Three times a week, the hotel organizes musical events with Greek and international music.

Molfetta Beach Hotel

Corfu, Gouvia

The coastal small 3 star Hotel Molfetta Beach is located in the seaside resort of Gouvia, near the city of Corfu. This hotel is a complex of two-storey buildings with a compact well-groomed area with a garden and a restaurant. Spacious rooms are distinguished by elegance and sophistication, decorated with decorative pillows, carpets with floral patterns and artwork on the walls, and at the same time equipped with all modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and carefree vacation. Most rooms have at least a side view of the sea. The restaurant, spilling onto a terrace that looks towards the sea, serves local and Mediterranean cuisine. The trump card of the hotel is night life. A variety of evening animation makes it attractive in the evening, not only for hotel guests, but also for local residents. The hotel is recommended for youth, romantic and active recreation.

Sirena Beach Hotel

Corfu, Gouvia

The small and cozy Sirena Beach Hotel is located in the Gouvia area, 8 km from the center of Corfu Town. The hotel offers spacious rooms equipped with a range of essential amenities to ensure guests a comfortable stay. There is a 24-hour front desk. Guests staying at the Sirena Beach Hotel can relax outdoors on the hotel terrace and enjoy a drink at the bar located in the hotel's garden. Breakfast is served there every morning - buffet style. The hotel is ideally located near the village of Kontokali with many cafes, restaurants and bars.The hotel is recommended for an economical and comfortable stay.

Louis Ionian Sun Hotel

Corfu, Benitses

Covered by a green and calm scenery and just 20 meters from the beach this beautiful 4 star all inclusive Hotel in Corfu Island invites you to discover perfect contentment for your summer holidays in Corfu island.


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Today we expect 32 - 32 °C
Temperature ºC
Wind speed
Wind direction º
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Pressure (hPa)
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