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Dodecanese islands
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes, Rodos
Rhodes is one of the largest islands of the Dodecanese group of islands- fourth largest island in the Aegean Sea and in whole Greece.
Description of Rhodes
Faliraki is considered to be one of the island’s most famous areas among tourists. It stays about 12 km away from Rhodes Town. Its well-organized beaches with developed infrastructure and feasts of bars, restaurants and cafés make this place very popular with young people.
Lindos village sits 47 km away from Rhodos city, on the Western coast of the island. Many think this place is one of the most beautiful and scenic of the island. The maze of cobbled streets, whitewashed traditional houses gradually lead you up to the local Acropolis with the breathtaking view.
Lindos beach sits not far from the village of the same name, on the Eastern coast about 50 km from the Rhodes city. Soft golden sand, shimmering violet and emerald sea sheltered by hills dotted with attractive whitewashed houses - all together add to the majestic air of the place especially at sunset. Lindos beach offers everything necessary for comfortable and carefree pastime and its shallow waters make it perfect for children. There is also the bay of St Paul not far from this place. The saint was supposed to have landed here once, hence the name and the small chapel dedicated to him.
Pefkos (Pefki)
The small village Pefki, all in pine groves, is located about 5 km from Lindos village and 50 km from the island’s capital. Sandy beach, deep blue sea and serene atmosphere attracts those who would like to escape from hustle and bustle of a big resort.
Today’s Ialyssos sits 8 km off the Rhodes city on the site of the ancient city, that once was one of three most important great city-states of the Rhodes island. The hill of Filerimos still keeps the fragments of the ancient temple dedicated to Athena. A small village with traditional houses and old monuments, with small Byzantine church will most certainly attract attention not only of a history fan but also anyone who wants to feel the local air.
The pebble beach of Ialyssos with scenic landscapes is within a 10 min walk from the eponymous village. This beach with well-developed infrastructure is particularly loved by the windsurfers.
Another place that also attracts surf enthusiasts is the beach of Ixia. Besides, it is set not far from the Rhodes city. Today this modern pebble beach with the developed tourist infrastructure can offer many different water sports facilities.
The small resort of Kremasti is set within 12 km from Rhodes Town. This lovely place is famous not only for its beach (though it is a pebble beach) but also for its close proximity to the Valley of Butterflies.
Kalithea is one of the most beloved resorts of Rhodes that is greatly favoured by photographers. Kalithea is popular not only among visitors but is also much appreciated by the locals due to baths built by the Italians in the 1930s. And a nearby cove is the target of many scuba divers.
Tsambika beach has taken its name after the nearby monastery. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and is quite popular with families. Though a little bit remote, the place is always full of guests who are attracted by its golden sand and warm turquoise sea. By the way, several days a year Tsambika becomes overcrowded not only by locals but also by women from different corners of the world. It is believed that a barren woman has only to climb barefoot 300 steps to the tiny Byzantine church of Panagia Tsambika to ensure pregnancy. As a result many of the island’s children are named Tsambikos or Tsambika, depending on their sex.
Prasonisi, the southernmost end of Rhodes, is located 90 km from the capital. This name means “green island”. On July and August the place becomes paradise for windsurfers thanks to so called “meltemia”, trade-winds. Kiotari
Sand-and-pebble beach of Kiotari is especially loved by children. What makes this place so attractive is the handful of watersports on the beach. Gennadi
The pebble beach Gennadi sits about 70 km from the island’s capital, Rhodes Town. It is quite a distance from the beach. Monolithos
A small picturesque Monolithos village stays 73 km from Rhodes Town. This traditional village built in the shape of amphitheater takes its name from the giant rock with a venetian castle on its very top. It was built in the 15th century. You can also visit the chapel of St. Panteleimon inside the boundaries of the walls. Fourni beach sits 3 km from the village. Theologos (Tholos)
The picturesque village Theologos or, as its often called Tholos, is located 20 km from the capital of the island. Its well-developed tourism infrastructure and sandy beaches attract windsurfing fans as well.
Rhodes is one of the largest islands of the Dodecanese group of islands- fourth largest island in the Aegean Sea and in whole Greece. Its general area is 1 400 sq. km (77 km long and 37 km wide) with the coast line of 220 km. It stays 460 km away from the Greek capital Athens and is close to the islands of Kastelorizo, Halki, Tilos, Simi and Karpathos.
Rhodes Town is the capital of the island and Dodecanese prefecture.
The island’s landscape can be characterized as semi-mountainous with the highest points of Attavyros (1210 m), Akramitis (825 m) and Profitis Ilias (800 m). It is also rich in springs and drinking water.
Each year more than million of guests visit the island. Daily it welcomes thousands of tourists. Rhodes island can boast a well-organized transport network. One can travel by a rented car, bicycle, public bus or a taxi. It is connected to the mainland and other islands by sea as well as by air.
You may get there by the ferries from major ports of Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli and many other islands of the Aegean Sea, Crete and Cyprus islands. It takes 12 and more hours to get to Rhodes from Piraeus depending on the number of stops the ship makes.
The local international airport “Diagoras” is 16 km away from the island’s capital, in Psalidi village. It takes the fourth place in terms of the number of accepted guests. In season time, there are regular daily flights from Athens to Rhodes lasting about 50 min. There are also flights to such islands as Crete, Kos, Karpathos, Kasos and Santorini. There are charter flights from almost all over the Europe during summer time.
Rhodes island also has a wide network of well-organized marinas and petrol stations.
The climate of Rhodes island is the same as of other islands of Dodecanese group enjoying mild winters and hot summers. The climate is rather humid. Rhodian summer lasts from May till October with refreshing meltemi-winds, especially appreciated by the windsurfers, blowing in August and September.
Temperature in the period of January-March varies from 13 to 16 Celsius and 28-34 Celsius in June-August.
According to the latest population census held in 2011 the island’s population is 115 290 residents. The majority of the local population belongs to the Orthodox Church. But there are also numerous religious minorities on the island such as Catholics, Moslems, Jews.
Among main local traditions one of the the most showy ones is the Rhodian wedding. Not long ago this event could last from several days till two weeks with feasts and different games. Usually day before the event unmarried bridesmaids prepare the couple’s bed. They place on the bed bays and kids thus wishing the newlyweds to have many children. They sing traditional songs and offer guests to taste a special wedding dissert melekouni.
One more tradition of the island is called kalafounies. This day all families prepare floral garlands dedicated to spring and hang them over their doorways.
It is necessary to remember that the majority of holidays and cultural events in Greece have religious meaning behind. So it is not a surprise that Easter is one of the best favoured holidays on the island. It is worth notify that annually Rhodes hosts many international forums and festivals.
The Rhodos City began its life in 408 BC. It nestles on the Northern tip of the island. Up to date life here is full of colours. Perhaps, to a great extent, the city owes this charm to different cultures and people who added to it rather than took it away. Only try to imagine that this city has managed to survive over more than 2,000 years blending Ancient, Byzantine and Medieval cultures with modern times. The capital has almost the half of the island’s population, the rest prefer to live in villages and other settlements.
It is actually two cities in one: the New (Modern) City and the Old (Medieval) City.
The Old City is the medieval walled city that stayed almost untouched by time. This national treasure was given World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 1988. The Knights of St. John contributed much to the city’s structure and “appearance”. Many of buildings built by them are still in full use. Besides, this place is a souvenir “heaven” for those who are hungry for shopping. Thus the Socrates street resembles a big marketplace. Imposing medieval buildings, Byzantine and Gothic temples, Muslim mosques, modern shops, restaurants and café spotted all over the place all together create the unique atmosphere of the capital.
The modern half of the capital differs not only in architectural style but also in its character. It is quite a maze of souvenir shops, boutiques, restaurants, café, clubs and casinos. The area around Mandraki harbor is much like an administrative center of the New City. The harbor is guarded by a pair of bronze deer that became the symbol of Rhodes island. Legends have it that long ago these animals saved the place from the oodles of poisonous snakes. Though it is not yet proved, but some still believe that the ancient Colossus, statue of the God of the Sun Helios with a burning torch in his hand, straddled the harbor entrance. The long breakwater with three windmills stretches into the sea and ends up with the fortress of Agios Nikolaos of the fifteenth century.
As it has been said, the medieval part of the capital has a special place among other sites of attraction of Rhodes. Originally an interior wall divided the Old City into Collacium and Burgo. Collacium served as an administrative center where the houses of knights were located as well. Burgo was the home for Greeks, Latins and Jews. Besides, it also was the commercial center. The heart of the medieval military hospital order the Palace of the Grand Masters was built in the fourteenth century. This formidable building impresses by its medieval grandeur. The main artery of the city, the Street of the Knights, with official residences on both sides, lead from the Palace to the Hospital.
The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is housed in the medieval building of the Hospital of the Knights of the fifteenth century. It hosts collections and findings from Ancient, Hellenistic and Roman periods. Platia Ippokratou (Hippocrates square) is dominated by the knightly building of commercial court of Kastellania. Open air theater, Museum of Ethnography, municipal gallery (Pinakothiki), libraries, fragments of ancient and Byzantine temples, churches, mosques, Turkish baths, synagogue – one can make this list of attractions as long as they wish.
Other must-see places in Rhodes Town:
Rejep Pasha mosque
Fragments of the temple dedicated to Aphrodite of the 3rd century B.C.
Murat Reis mosque, built on the site of the church of St. Anthony, is located not far from the knights’ cemetery. Here you will find the Muslim cemetery as well.
Mandraki harbor with two deer statues that have become picture-postcard views of Rhodes island. It is believed that here in ancient times the Colossus of Rhodes stood. Three windmills survived from the knights’ times adorn Agios Nicholaos (St. Nicholas) breakwater today.
Valley of butterflies (Petaloudes)
This unique natural spot of Rhodes with its river and small wooden bridges is awash in sea of green. If you take a close look you can notice that trees here are muffled up in the carpet of butterflies. These butterflies are actually Jersey Tiger (moth) alias Euplagia. They start to overwhelm the valley during summer days with the peak in August. Today their population is constantly in decline due to several factors, one of which is disturbance by visitors. So it becomes very important to cause as less noise as possible. Not far from the Valley on the hillside the monastery of Panagias Kalopetras (Blessed Virgin Mary of Kalopetra) is situated.
Natural History Museum on the territory of the Valley is worth a visit as well. It is housed in a restored building established in 30s by Italians. The most fascinating part of the museum is the hatchery room where butterflies are reproduced in ideal habitats.
Ethnographic Museum in Apollonas hosts archeological relics (sarcophagi, capitals, column fragments), millstones, agricultural tools and many other things. And at some point you begin to understand how little some things have changed since those times.
Museum in Asklipio with archeological and church relics.
Traditional Olive Oil Factory in Dimilia which has been transformed into a museum.
Ethnographic museum in Koskinou actually is a mill transferred into a museum.
Folk Art Museum in Kritinia.
Ethnographic museums in Lindos, Salakos, Soroni.
Tradition has it that once when Olympian gods were dividing the world only the god of sun Helios was not there. Soon becoming aware of it Zeus promised to give him any piece of land he chooses. So this is how the island was brought to the sunlit and warm surface from the depth of the sea. And Helios became the island god protector.
Rhodes got its name from the Rhode, wife of Helios and daughter of Poseidon and Amphitritae. Other sources suggest that the name of the island comes from the same name flower. Maybe that is why Rhodes is often referred to as the “island of roses”. In different times it was also called Pfiousa, Asteria, Telhinis, Pondia, etc. depending on vegetation, climate and some other characteristics.
Telchines, Greek mythical sea creatures, are believed to be the first inhabitants of Rhodes. They were regarded as very skilled metal workers. According to archeological findings Carians, Phoenicians and Minoans were among first inhabitants of the place. Later on Achaeans followed.
Furthermore, Rhodes was home to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the world’s Seven Ancient Wonders. This immense statue was built around 293 BC and stood at the harbor entrance till 227 BC when the earthquake threw it down. Then in 491 BC most of Rhodes was captured by the Persians. During Classical period Rhodes joined the Delian league under the leadership of Athens. After some time it became part of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. During Crusades the island fell into the hands of the Knightly Order of St John. But on 1522 it was occupied by the Turks and remained part of the Ottoman Empire almost four hundred years. Turks left the island as soon as the Italians came in 1922. And with the end of the World War II Rhodes joined Greece.
Generally speaking local cuisine is another sample of the well-known Mediterranean cuisine. But, as it usually is, there are dishes characteristic only for this very place. Take, for example, “pitaroudia” («πιταρούδια») that look like meat-balls with the only difference that “”pitaroudia are made from chickpea. It you wish you can also try “kapamas” («καπαμάς»), goat cooked in the oven with beans or chickpeas. “Salamogia” («σαλαμόγια»), in fact, is traditional myzithra cheese in brine with peppercorns. For desert you may order local sweets with syrup and honey, such as “melekouni” («μελεκούνι»). “Melekouni” are made from honey, sesame, almond and are flavoured with spices. The recipe is kept unchanged for generations. These traditional sweets accompany all important events.
Do not leave the island without trying local wines. Actually there are three main categories of white wine prepared from white grapes “Athiri”, red wine – from red grapes “Mandilaria” (or “Amorgiano”) and dessert wine made from two varieties of “Muscat” grapes. If you have enough time you can visit CAIR, one of the biggest local wineries. It sits not far from the island capital. “Emery” winery is located in the small village of Embona. If you happen to be somewhere close to Filerimos, try the local liquor made from 7 plants. The recipe of this beverage was inherited from the crusaders and is kept in secret.
The cosmopolitan and international atmosphere of the island provides numerous possibilities to spend an enjoyable time on the island. Bars, restaurants, clubs, discos and other entertainment centers are open for you days and nights suggesting not only modern parties but also traditional music and dances.
Besides, there is a big choice of different sport activities, such as tennis, golf, diving, etc.
If you wish you can also visit local cinemas or casinos. 
In Archangelos village you may find amazing samples of hand weaving, hand-made carpets and ceramics.
Lindos is also well-known for its old tradition in ceramics.
Do not leave the island without testing local wines made from the grapes grown on the island.
And a small village of Sianna is famous for “souma”- a traditional drink made from grapes or figs.
Coriantolino is another famous liquor of the island of Rhodes.

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Oasis Hotel Bungalows

Rodos, Afandou

The Oasis Hotel Bungalows is a family run property set in gardens of olive banana and palm trees. This place is ideal for quiet relaxing holidays. The hotel stays about 20 km from the island’s capital, Rodos Town, and 23 km from the local international airport "Diagoras".

Lindos Mare, Seaside Hotel

Rodos, Lindos

The elegant 5-star Lindos Mare, Seaside Hotel, is built at different levels along the hill, offering endless panoramic views of the beautiful Vlyha Bay. Recent renovations to all public areas and hotel rooms, modern amenities and attentive personalized service create ideal conditions for a comfortable and unforgettable vacation. The hotel is conveniently located 2 km from the charming village of Lindos, one of the most important historical sights of Rhodes.

- Located near the beach. A series of lifts, including a brand new cable car (New cabin for summer 2020), link the complex with the the Blue Flag awarded beach - 
- 145 Comfortable rooms and family suites
- Turn down service for certain room types (Suite, Junior Suite, Deluxe and Superior) (New 2020)
- Dine Around Experience - Theme Restaurant as an option for HB guests and New a la carte Restaurant (New 2020)
- Complete refurbishment of the reception and lobby area (New 2020)
- Spa and Health Club - Free use of gym, sauna and steam bath room (New 2020)
- Mini Club and Children's Playground
- Sport activities and Entertainment
- Authentic Greek hospitality and attentive personalized service

Download hotel description 2020

Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel and Suites

Rodos, Lindos

The luxurious 5-star Lindos Blu Luxury & Suites Hotel, built in the form of an amphitheater on a hillside overlooking the picturesque Vlyha Gulf, is the best adult resort in Rhodes, consisting of 70 luxurious rooms and villas with breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea . The hotel is located just 2 km from Lindos, one of the most beautiful cities of Rhodes. Lindos Blu, a member of Small Luxury Hotels, boasts its own sandy beach. Unique architecture in complete harmony with the environment and exclusive modern design combined with impeccable personalized service create the perfect backdrop for a dreamy holiday for couples looking for romance and tranquility.

- Located near the ancient city of Lindos.
- Direct access to its own sandy beach.
- 70 luxurious rooms and villas with breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.- 2 outdoor fresh water pools (main heated pool) and 1 indoor fresh water heated pool
- Penthouse sun terrace with Jacuzzi® hot tubs.
- Gazebos, umbrellas and sun beds on the beach.
- WiFi Internet in all areas and beach.
- The finest Greek and Mediterranean tastes / Refreshing cocktails and gourmet gastronomy at five restaurants and bars with indoor and al fresco dining options.
- The Elixir Spa and Health Club / Complimentary access to health club.

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Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort and Villas

Rodos, Kalathos

Atrium Palace, one of the most elegant luxury resorts in Rhodes, Greece with its stunning rooms, villas, premium services and AnaGenesis Thalasso Spa set only a step away from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Regarded as one of the best hotels in Lindos for relaxing and memorable holidays, the Atrium Palace offers the ultimate destination for luxury, romance, affluent accommodation, Thalasso Spa wellness, Thematic Restaurants, privacy, tailor made VIP services and personal attention. Rhodes Island is your next cosmopolitan destination and the Atrium Palace your selection amongst some of the finest 5 star hotels in Rhodes island. Whether planning a relaxing escape, a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, an event, celebration or luxury weddings in Rhodes get ready for a once in a lifetime experience at one of the top Lindos luxury hotels.

Guests have access to the facilities of all 3 hotels (Atrium Palace, Atrium Platinum, Atrium Prestige)! 

  • 3 Main Restaurants 
  • 13 À la carte Restaurants & 9 Bars and cafés 
  • 3 Spa Centers 
  • 10 Indoor & Outdoor pools 
  • Sport facilities: tennis / basketball courts, gym, mini golf 
  • Diving lessons, tours and other experiences / activities

Download Fact Sheet 2020.

Atlantica Aegean Blue

Rodos, Kolymbia

The hotel of Atlantica Aegean Blue is located on the beach with amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea. It stays 950m from Kolymbia village, 22 km from the town of Rodos, capital of the island and 36 km from the international airport.

Apollo Beach Hotel

Rodos, Faliraki

Apollo Beach is located on the north-east coast of the island of Rhodes, 14 km from the city of Rhodes and 24 km from the international airport. The modern 4-star hotel is surrounded the greenery of flowering gardens and located on the sandy beach of the popular resort of Faliraki. Apollo Beach Hotel offers the following services to its guests:
•Direct access to a beautiful, sandy beach with crystal clean water
•A green scenic garden for relaxing moments
•An Olympic sized pool, children’s pool and children’s playground
•A new covered heated swimming pool
•Two recently renovated tennis courts with synthetic grass with sand, with charge
•Access to the fitness center of Apollo Blue Hotel next door and excellent watersport facilities on the beach
•Spacious guestrooms with a balcony and superb sea or garden view. The hotel rooms underwent some renovations: 170 rooms have new WC with walk in shower (no bath tub) and 170 rooms with a room facelift.
•Half board or all inclusive option
•A spacious main restaurant with garden views, a restaurant bar and a tavern by the poll offering delightful dining experiences
•Special theme dinners during the week and a popular Greek night at the tavern
•Evening entertainment at the open air theatre
•Access to the APIVITA Spa & Wellness Center of Apollo Blue Hotel next door, offering unique treatments with APIVITA natural products
•Commitment to environmental protection as green policies are applied in all the hotel operations

Faliraki Bay Hotel

Rodos, Faliraki

Faliraki Bay is a family-run hotel located in a quiet place in popular tourist center of Faliraki. It stays 500 m from the center of Faliraki and 15 km from Rodos Town, island’s capital, and 19 km from the local international "Diagoras" airport .

Pegasos Beach Hotel

Rodos, Faliraki

Pegasos Deluxe Beach Hotel is located on the East coast of Rhodes, steps away from the sandy beach of Faliraki, few minutes away from the famous monument of Kallithea Springs and only 15 minutes from the Unesco World Heritage ‘Medieval City of Rhodes’. Pegasos Deluxe Beach Hotel is ideal for family vacations, romantic holidays, weddings, honeymoons, professional meetings, seminars and etc. The hotel offer 401 elegant guest rooms & suites with Free Wi-Fi. Hotel serves a fabulous concept of Greek traditional experience in our Elia al cart restaurant.

Download hotel description 2020.

Esperides Beach

Rodos, Faliraki

Esperides Beach Resort is a popular four-star hotel designed for families looking for a relaxing break for parents and fun for children.It is located on the east coast of the island, 2 km from the tourist village of Faliraki with its restaurants, taverns, bars and active nightlife, and 12 km from the city of Rhodes. The hotel belongs to the famous Greek hotel chain Esperia.Esperides Beach Family Resort offers comfortable rooms and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for both parents and children.

- Located on the beach - Organized Blue Flag Beach with sand and pebbles / Free umbrellas, sun beds and towels
- 574 comfortable rooms
- 5 Restaurants and 5 Bars
- Rich All Inclusive Programe including Kids Menu
- 3 outdoor swimming pool
- Waterslides
- Mini Club and a range of activities, specially designed for children and their families
- Free WiFi in the rooms and public areas
- Sport Facilities
- Warm welcoming atmosphere and quality service

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Esperos Palace

Rodos, Faliraki

Esperos Palace is an exquisite hotel complex, decorated with luxurious aesthetics. The hotel is located on the waterfront, on a beautiful beach awarded the Blue Flag, as well as near the city of Rhodes and all the interesting attractions of Rhodes.The rooms at the Esperos Palace are tastefully and aesthetically decorated in relaxing colors and equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. At guests' disposal are restaurants and bars with excellent and varied cuisine and themed evenings, a rich entertainment program, a wide range of options for outdoor activities, a luxurious spa center, a conference room, and much more. It is an ideal holiday destination for those who wish to spend a vacation in a cozy, clean and well-organized hotel, communicate with friendly staff and receive impeccable service.

Rodos Palladium Leisure and Wellness

Rodos, Faliraki

Deluxe 5 star hotel Rodos Palladium Leisure and Wellness enjoys a premier beach front location, right on the Blue Flag awarded sandy & pebble beach of Kallithea. It is renowned for its exceptional service, elegant restaurants with fine Greek & Mediterranean tastes, cosmopolitan bars, and large tropical pool. The discreetly luxurious rooms are spacious and equipped with all modern facilities. Deluxe Room Sea View and Superior Deluxe Room Sea View are fully rennovated in 2018. Junior Suites Sea view , Suites Sea view and Family rooms are fully renovated in 2019. With its range of renowned THALGO therapies and products for beauty, fully equipped fitness centre, plenty of sports facilities, swimming pools, a varied entertainment program for adults and children, impressive banqueting and conference facilities, it is ideal for both leisure and business travellers.

- Beach front location
- Blue Flag awarded beach
- 377 Guestrooms and Suites
- 3 Restaurants and 3 Bars
- Wellness and Spa Center with indoor Heated Pool
- Large outdoor pool and children's pool
- Sport Facilities
- Free WiFi throughout the resort

New for 2020
- Renovation of external premises
- New room types: Executive Private pool Rooms & Executive Suite Private Pool
- Refreshing of interior areas

Download hotel description 2020

Blue Sea Beach Resort

Rodos, Faliraki

The modern hotel complex Blue Sea Beach 4 * is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of the East coast of the island of Rhodes, in the Faliraki area.Accepts his guests on the system "Ultra all inclusive". In 2017, the hotel room was renovated. The hotel's favorable location, a blue flag winning beach, fine cuisine, impeccable service, space for sports enthusiasts, a full gym and wellness facilities, recreational activities, a children's club and a playground for young hotel guests - all this will ensure a comfortable and unforgettable vacation.

Sheraton Rhodes Resort

Rodos, Ixia

Set in beautifully landscaped gardens, Sheraton Rhodes Resort is only a few meters from a pristine private beach and just 4 kilometers from the Medieval City of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage site. All 401 guestrooms combine casual sophistication, comfort and understated elegance with a decidedly modern twist. The hotel is overlooking the Aegean Sea and has many options for interconnecting rooms, allowing families and other larger parties to stay together and share the experience.

- Rhodes Resort is within minutes drive from all major attractions of the island of Rhodes.
- All 401 guest rooms combine comfort and understated elegance with a modern twist. Interconnecting rooms are available.
- An excellent choice of restaurants
- Meeting Facilities
- Private beach, directly accessible from the hotel, with complimentary sunbed and parasols.
- Spa and Fitness Center
- Kid's club, children's pool and various activities daily.
- Free WiFi Internet

Download hotel description 2020

Smartline Cosmopolitan Hotel

Rodos, Ixia

Cosmopolitan Hotel boasting an ideal location on the coast of Ixia, only a few kilometers from main attractions and the majestic medieval town of Rhodes, in a walking distance from shops, restaurants and nightlife, makes it effortless to explore this historic and colorful island.

Amathus Beach Hotel Rhodes

Rodos, Ixia

Located in the picturesque resort of Ixia on the west coast of Rhodes, Amathus Beach Hotel Rhodes, part of the Amathus Hotels Group, is set upon a hillside amidst green forests with uninterrupted sweeping views of Ixia Bay.All restaurants and bars stand in idyllic and tranquil settings.Hotel guests can enjoy a wide range of superb restaurants and bars, each with a particular style and ambience  and stylish, cozy rooms that radiate the purest sense of a sunny Greek vacation.

Amilia Mare Beach Resort

Rodos, Kalithea

On the beautiful island of Rodos, situated at the crossroads between East and West, stands the stunning Amilia Mare. This hotel complex, surrounded by the sea and suffused with the fragrance of its gardens, promises a holiday like no other. It lies 6 km from Rodos Town and 20 km from the local international airport.

Best Western Plaza Hotel

Rodos, Rodos Town

The Best Western Plaza Hotel sits in the center of Rodos Town overlooking  the sea or the Medieval Town. Close to all amenities and main attractions of the island, it is the ideal location for the holiday makers and business visitors as well.

Aquagrand of Lindos Exclusive Deluxe Resort

Rodos, Lindos

The new luxurious hotel Aqua Grand Deluxe Exclusive Resort is located just 1,5 km away from the village of Lindos and 50 km from the Old Town of Rodos. Aqua Grand consists of 7 two-storey buildings and three-storey main building. Simplicity and abstraction, relaxation and rejuvenation, comfort and elegance, courtesy and gracious hospitality, are some of the qualities that define experiences at the AquaGrand. Refreshing private pools, relaxing pillared cabanas, exquisite gourmet dining & wining, rejuvenating spa treatments, and alluring crystal clear sea are the elements that ensure a memorable stay. From the season 2012 the hotel is an Adults Only Hotel.

Lindos Sun Hotel

Rodos, Lindos

The 4 -Star resort Lindos Sun Hotel situated in an elevated position just outside Lindos, offering lovely views of the sea and surrounding areas. The hotel is in harmony with its environment and offers peace and tranquillity. There’s a restaurant on-site serving tasty Greek cuisine, plus a bar whenever you fancy chilling out with a drink, and enjoying the hotel’s free WiFi. All guest rooms have their own private balcony or veranda. The elegant interior decoration is in keeping with the simple nature of the Greek islands. The swimming pool is surrounded by gardens, set against the red volcanic rock of the mountainside and has its own views of the spectacular bay of Psaltos. The beach, St Paul's Bay in the beautiful village of Lindos is just a few minutes drive away with its many restaurants, tavernas, bars, shops and lovely beaches. The friendly staff will ensure you have an enjoyable holiday. The elegance of the hotel, decorated according to the tradition of Lindos, offers its customers a high service and thanks to its small dimensions, a warm welcome. The Lindos Sun Hotel is the ideal retreat for a relaxing holiday.

Filerimos Village Hotel-Apartments

Rodos, Ialysos

The 4-star Filerimos Village Hotel-Apartments is located at the foot of Filerimos Mountain, between the tourist villages of Ialysos and Kremasti. It is 8 km from the historical capital of the island of Rhodes and 4 km from the local international airport. On a territory of 40,000 m2, surrounded by lush greenery, the hotel offers cozy, soundproofed rooms with simple interiors, a private balcony and an equipped kitchenette. All rooms were completely refurbished in 2017 - 2018. Filerimos The hotel is recommended for a relaxing family vacations or for an active holiday.

- Located near the Rhodes International Airport.
- 247 rooms and family apartments.
- Full flexibility to choose room with breakfast, half board or All inclusive.
- 2 large pools and 2 pools for children and babies.
- NEW Water Park with 4 adult slides, 2 children slides and Lazy River.
- International animation team.
- Sport facilities
- Free WiFi internet throughout the hotel, including rooms.
- Supermarket on-site


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Weather forecast for 5 days
Today we expect 18 - 24 °C
Temperature ºC
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Wind direction º
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