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Partners of Beleon Tours

Our partners are real professionals in the sphere of tourism and its best representatives, accustomed to be responsible for their choices and to trust to the guaranteed quality of service. Our partners always know that they can fully rely on Beleon Tours, and expect from us a balanced, sound and profitable partnership policy, which has been the company policy for many years.
"Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are". Finding out who the partners of Beleon Tours are, you will make a conclusion that we are worthy of your trust.

Hotel chains and hotels

Hotel AldamarAldemar Hotels & Spa

Hotel AmathusAmanthus Hotels

Hotel AquilaAquila Hotels & Resorts

Hotel AquisAquis Hotels & Resorts

Hotel AtlanticaAtlantica Hotels & Resorts

Hotel AtriumAtrium Hotels

Hotel BluelagoonBlue Lagoon Resort

Hotel StarwoodStarwood Hotels and Resorts

Hotel CapsisCapsis Hotels & Resorts

Hotel ChandrisChandris Hotels

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