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Greece imposes new Stayover Tax on hotels

21 September 2017. Company
Starting from 2018 the guests of Greek hotels will have to cover additional accommodation expenses besides the payment made during reservation.

From 01 January 2018 due to the changes in the tax legislation of Hellenic Republic the guests of Greek hotels will have to make extra payment at check in in addition to the payment made during the reservation.

The amount of extra payment ranges depending on the category of the accommodation unit:

  • 5-star hotels – 4 euros per room per night 
  • 4-star hotels – 3 euros per room per night 
  • 3-star and lower category hotels – 1.5 euros per room per night

Please keep in mind that above mentioned extra payment should be made on hotel grounds and not during the reservation. 

In case of any news on this issue we will inform you asap.