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Luxury Travel DMC is again twice winner of the World Travel Awards

02 October 2023. Company
History repeats itself, and this time it brings great tidings: Luxury Travel DMC has once again clinched the top honors in two prestigious nominations for Greece at the World Travel Awards.

As a proud member of the Beleon Group and a distinguished organizer of luxury holidays, Luxury Travel DMC is basking in the glory of a dual triumph. In the latest edition of the esteemed World Travel Awards (WTA), we have been crowned as the winners in two illustrious categories, earning the titles of Greece’s Leading Travel Agency 2023 and Greece’s Leading DMC Company 2023.

It's worth noting that Luxury Travel DMC has been a consistent contender at the WTA for over five years, rarely surrendering the top spot in at least one category to our competitors. The double victory this year is a delightful surprise for us, though not entirely unexpected. In 2018, Luxury Travel DMC was also recognized as both the leading Travel Agency and DMC in Greece.

Securing a dual victory at WTA 2023 is undeniably gratifying, and the entire team at Luxury Travel DMC is brimming with pride at this accomplishment. However, we remain acutely aware that this moment of glory is primarily owed to our cherished partners and clients. Once again, they lent their invaluable support by participating in the user award voting and casting their votes in our favor. To our dear friends, we extend our profound gratitude for your time and unwavering support. This is a collective triumph, and we celebrate it together!